Freefoam excels in sustainable business practices

Kevin Cronin
Kevin Cronin

Freefoam is in the top 9% of global companies rated for sustainable business practices, after a recent assessment by EcoVadis, a globally recognised sustainability rating platform.

EcoVadis is an evidence-based assessment that audits a company’s sustainability management system. It rates the maturity of policies, commitments, actions, reporting and certifications across four key themes (Environment, Ethics, Labor and Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement).

Freefoam, which manufactures fascias, soffits, rainwater systems and external cladding, exceeded the average industry score across all assessment themes. Freefoam’s overall performance improved by 13%, moving from ‘Good’ to ‘Advanced’.

Kevin Cronin, chief operating officer at Freefoam, and part of its sustainability team, said: “Our new assessment is even more impressive because the criteria for the Silver EcoVadis rating was recently adjusted, so it’s much more challenging to achieve now.

“Previously, the top 25% of companies assessed were awarded Silver medals – now, you have to be in the top 15%. But Freefoam’s sustainability practices comfortably meet even these new requirements.”

Freefoam’s approach to sustainability (‘Building a Sustainable Future’) is rooted in the principles of the circular economy, carbon reduction, continuous improvement, good governance – and a focus on people. When it comes to the Circular Economy, the company priorities the re-use and circulation of resources, retaining economic value, and eliminating waste – focusing on its own business and its supply chain.

“At Freefoam,” added Kevin, “we have found EcoVadis a simple and effective way to communicate our sustainability commitments and performance to our value chain partners.”