Eurocell’s InSite reduces installation time by 75%

Eurocell has launched the InSite system, which utilises off-site construction to dramatically increase installation times.

According to Eurocell, using InSite, it took just two days for all windows to be installed on a block of four terraced houses during a project in Inverness.

The InSite system comprises a specialist hinge, sealant, cavity barrier and either Eurocells’ Logik or Modus window profile, and allows windows to be installed into wall panels during the manufacturing process rather than on-site. The hinge is fastened to the cavity barrier of a fully glazed Logik or Modus window, which is then fitted and secured into the timber panel cavity before being transported and installed on site.

According to Eurocell, InSite is the only window system suitable for timber frame that has been fully tested to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from, or to the cavity.

The system also reduces onsite disruption and health and safety concerns as installation of windows can be carried out from inside the building. This eliminates working at height or having to move windows around on scaffolding.

For the Inverness installation, where the construction of a block of terraced houses in Stratton was required swiftly and efficiently to control costs and accommodate residents promptly, Eurocell’s Logik window profiles were manufactured at Pinefield Glass in Elgin, on the north coast of Scotland.

Here they were integrated with the InSite hinge and cavity barrier before being fixed into timber panels at Kirkwood Timber Frame in Sauchen, Aberdeenshire.

The InSite hinge enabled flat transportation of the windows in the timber panel to the construction site in Stratton –- where it took just two days for them to be fit in the properties, on a project that would typically take more than a week if windows were fit on site.

Angus Cowie, business development manager at Eurocell said: “Time saved is crucial in the construction process, and our InSite product has demonstrated exactly why we have brought it to the market in our recent project with Pinefield Glass.

“The efficiency throughout the construction process has been remarkable. Not just down to the system itself but the incredible collaboration among all parties involved. The windows were seamlessly integrated, roofs installed, and buildings insulated in a swift process that was needed to support the overall project’s needs for speed and cost-control. The fact we’ve also had it fully tested to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from, or to the cavity, makes it a revolutionary product. Plus, it has been approved for use in accordance with the NHBC guidelines.”

Malcolm Thomson, managing director, Kirkwood Timber Frame added: “InSite simplifies the fitting and transport of frames, speeds up delivery to the site, and quickly provides a watertight building for the end client. It enhances efficiency, and supports sustainable construction by minimising heat loss and air leakage. InSite is a game changer.”