Flexible working with Tommy Trinder

Mark Frost
Mark Frost

Love Windows Devon says it has transformed its business operations with innovative quoting software developed by Tommy Trinder. Under the leadership of Mark Frost, managing director, the company is said to have leveraged the technology to redefine flexible working.

Tommy Trinder has been a ‘massive game changer’ for the team, enabling Mark to realise his vision of building a business that does things differently. “When I started the business, I wanted it to be flexible, so that we could work from anywhere. With Tommy Trinder I can work from home, work from my bag, work from wherever,” Mark said.

Mark has fully integrated the quoting software into his workflow, enabling the team to design, price and quote in real-time in the customers’ home, eliminating the need for a traditional showroom or a large premises.

“My office is in my backpack,” continued Mark. “When I’m chatting with a customer I can

bring my iPad out, show them the software, we design the windows together – they’re really impressed with it.”

Designing and pricing in the customer’s home provides a great sales experience for both Mark and the homeowner. “When I’m sitting with the customer having a coffee, I can price it there and then. It takes two minutes to do a quote, so they know you’re on it. There’s no going back to the office to change stuff and check it. You can just do it straight away, which is great for business,” he said.

The ability to superimpose windows and doors onto a photograph of the customer’s house has been a big hit with clients, and has helped Love Windows Devon to minimise error. “It eliminates any mistakes because you’re seeing the windows how they will look, fitted, with all the details. You’re showing exactly what you’re selling,” Mark added.

According to Mark, Love Windows Devon has developed a solid reputation for the quality of its installations. He adds that Tommy Trinder has enabled the team to extend that reputation across the entire sales process, meeting the evolving needs of both the business and the homeowner. “Tommy is very flexible, easy to use, good value for money, and produces very professional-looking quotes for our customers. I definitely wouldn’t be without it,” Mark concluded.

Tommy Trinder is subscription based and billed monthly.