What’s new in phone photography?

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

The best of the camera phones today can easily rival traditional cameras with their ease of use and, most importantly, offer more consistent results.

While non can yet challenge the best DSLRs or digital cameras for quality, the margin is closing. So, which is best?

Some camera phones can now offer up to 8K video at 30fps, and up to a staggering 108MP image sensor with 100x digital zoom. But the real benefit of the smartphone camera is its compact size, which can be carried at all times, ready for that impromptu shot to support your blog or next press release.

Adding to this convenience is the capability to edit pictures on the same device, write copy, upload or email your work to your chosen social media or magazine editor. Adding further benefits is the expansion of the 4G network and the latest capability of 5G, and your phone offers you a  great workflow capability.

The question is: do you need those extreme specifications when taking pictures or video for media? I doubt it.

For all round capability and quality with a definite ease of use is the iPhone 11. Bear in mind its wide-angle lens for interior photography and project photography in limited spaces; it offers a great deal of opportunities for good composition.

Agreed, not in the high specification stakes, but it offers great quality, ease of use and simply just works.