Cost effective and simple to install

By Gary Dean, sales director, OnLevel UK.

Glass balustrading is no new thing; a broad range of solutions and fixing methods that have been available for some time. So, how do you cut the wheat from the chaff and choose the best solution?

Firstly, establish what look you require. One of the first considerations in detailing a glass balustrade solution is whether to include posts or point fixing. Ultimately, this comes down to aesthetics and ensuring the best performance: frameless glass balustrades provide unrestricted views; post-fixed balustrading creates a sturdy look, however, the posts do create visual impediments in the overall view; and using point fixings is another option to create the ‘all glass’ look but the fixing substrate needs to appropriate to enable side fixing.

Once you have chosen your preferred type of glass balustrading system, you want to make sure the system is fit for purpose and from a reputable supplier. Two of the key elements for a successful glass balustrading project are ease of installation and cost effectiveness. OnLevel is well known for providing glass hardware solutions, with its TL-6020 frameless glass balustrade profile leading the way in the UK for simple, no fuss installation.

Glass is fitted into OnLevel’s range of ‘TL’ profiles using Flex-Fit, OnLevel’s system for adjusting glass plates. With this system it was possible to adjust each individual glass plate up to 40mm towards the perpendicular line.

It provides safe alignment of glass balustrades; with just a simple sliding movement the installer can precisely position glass and reduce the assembly time by 30%. In addition, Flex-Fit is safer than traditional glass balustrade fixing solutions, which often require you to work from both the balcony side and the void side. Flex-Fit is fully operated from the balcony side; not only is it safer, rental costs for scaffolding or a cherry picker are eliminated.

OnLevel’s glass balustrading solutions provide cost savings due to installation ease and speed. Furthermore, with OnLevel you have peace of mind, knowing its products have been installed on numerous projects across the UK and Germany for many years.

Colindale Gardens, London, UK

Situated in the heart of north west London is Colindale Gardens, a £1 billion residential development in Colindale, Barnet. Once complete, it will comprise 2,900 homes, nine acres of public green space alongside a shopping plaza and school.

Spanning 47 acres in total, Colindale Gardens is an ongoing regeneration scheme with a 12-year plan. The first construction phase in 2017 saw the development of Lassen House and Newington House, beautiful new residential blocks featuring OnLevel’s TL-6020 frameless glass balustrade profile. Each apartment features an external area with balcony that combines effortlessly with the building envelope to create a sleek, modern structure.

Central to the success of the building’s exterior appeal, with its clean lines and architectural balcony framework is the frameless glass balustrading by OnLevel. It provides a safe and secure barrier to each balcony area while subtly unifying with the protruding metalwork and facade of the building.

A total of 600m of TL-6020 frameless glass balustrading system from OnLevel was specified and installed in the external balcony areas of each apartment, maximising light throughout and providing unobscured views.

Redrow North London’s Colindale Gardens development received the accolade of Multi Storey Development of the Year at The Bricks 2017 Awards