True warmth

Glass Times talks to Ian Cowling, sales director at Eco-Logic Roofing Systems, who explains the benefits of the Warm Roof Pro system.

With energy bills skyrocketing and showing no signs of slowing down, installers are under increasing pressure to offer the most thermally efficient products to meet homeowners demands.

With most conservatory roofs in the UK constructed using polycarbonate panels, solid replacements are becoming a necessity to transform them into all-year round living spaces and stop heat loss.

According to Ian Cowling, sales director of Eco-Logic Roofing Systems, however, installers are not offering their customers a true warm roof that will do the job they want.

“Consumers don’t want their conservatories being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer months, they want a contemporary space they can use all year,” said Ian. “That can only be provided with a true warm roof and, unfortunately, most solid conservatory roof systems actually struggle to live up to the hype.”

A shift

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Ian has seen the conservatory market experience periods of growth and decline, and things are about to shift again when it comes to the conservatory roof.

“Most solid conservatory roof systems comprise of a structural aluminium skeleton covered with timber boards. But, while the lightweight material has been a favourite because of its strength, there has always been an issue with retaining heat – one of the most important jobs for a conservatory to do,” explained Ian

“Solid roof options that utilise aluminium frames can provide poor thermal performance, cold spots, and condensation and the last thing a homeowner wants is a conservatory roof that is performing poorly.”

Eco-Logic Roofing System’s Warm Roof Pro is an all-timber solid conservatory roof system construction system made from structural insulated panels (SIP).

A standard Warm Roof Pro roof achieves a U value of 0.18 W/M2K on a standard installation, with the use of insulated plasterboard achieving a U value of 0.10 W/M2K.

Ian said: “A solid conservatory roof replacement constructed solely from timber eliminates many of the issues associated with roofs with an aluminium skeleton, including metallic cold spots, condensation, and frequent draughts.

“Using highly insulated SIPS provides outstanding thermal performance, and with no use of aluminium, the risk of cold bridging is avoided, creating a true warm roof, and helping a conservatory stay at the perfect temperature all year round. The Warm Roof Pro really does deliver for the end user.”

Installer friendly

The Warm Roof Pro ticks all the boxes for installers, builders, and roofing companies.

The multi-pitched, conservatory roof system does not need to be built in the factory first and is supplied in kit form with an installation guide, fixings, breathable membrane, flashband and eaves trays for convenience and speed of installation, enabling an installer to reduce fitting costs and their time on site, and causing less disruption to the homeowner. The flat pack also makes it easier to transport and handle.

Tiles are also supplied with a choice of two tile systems, Tapco slate or Extralight, and both systems screw direct to the roof panels eliminating the need to batten the roof.

“Many homeowners will find themselves sporting a conservatory roof with an aluminium skeleton that is not performing the way they want it to, and the Warm Roof Pro provides installers, builders, and roofing companies with a game-changing product that will help them differentiate their business from the competition,” concluded Ian.

Established four years ago, Eco-Logic Roofing Systems manufacture the Warm Roof Pro from its modern Cambridgeshire-based workshop to ensure all project requirements are met and delivers to site. The company also provides installer training to make sure customers are fully equipped and ready to go.