Gripcore delivers manufacturing ease

Dan Sullivan, Doorco MD, discusses how the composite door manufacturer’s fabricator customers are adopting Gripcore technology into their door portfolio.

Gripcore technology is our hybrid composite door option launched to the market last year. It’s genuinely one of the most engineered doors the market has ever seen.

The robust construction – from the unique matrix of its solid timber-core, a hybrid of traditional and modern materials, to our signature 4mm GRP skins outside – is unrivalled on the market and delivers a cutting-edge, modern-day addition to any home.

Gripcore technology combines quality and strength to deliver exceptional tolerance and security, balanced with innovation and aesthetics. It boasts some impressive stats when it comes to performance – Gripcore has a maximum thermal movement of 3mm and will not crack or delaminate.

The current Gripcore door also complies with current Doc L standards, which for timber doors is in place for all of 2022. Gripcore version 2.1 will be available in 2022 which will future proof the product for all future Part L compliance.

Gripcore technology is available with exclusive door designs, colours and glass options to enhance the sales offering even further.

These USPs were naturally of big importance when designing the product, after all there is little point in investing to make something that’s the same or similar to what is already available.

For Doorco however, the USPs were only half the battle. We wanted to make sure that this attractive proposition was easy for our customers to adopt.

Minimal investment

There’s nothing more frustrating than having an exciting new product option and then learning you need to make significant investments in your facility to allow you to produce it.

The manufacturing requirements of Gripcore match our Original foam-core door, so there is no need to purchase additional tooling or equipment. So, if you are an existing Doorco customer, all you need to worry about is stock – and we can help there too.

Doorco places a huge importance on making sure we have stock available to our customers which we can also deliver on a just in time service. And if you would rather manage your own stock, this has been simplified too with our one size fits all offering.

One size fits all

A key benefit making it really easy for our fabricator customers to offer Gripcore technology as their solid-core composite door option is that Gripcore is delivered in a single size 914mm (44mm) slab.

This means that from a single blank, you can create all required door sizes. Ordering and stocking Gripcore is more efficient, saving you time and money by removing the complex processes many have traditionally had to work to.

Design options

Our range of blanks were originally developed with efficient manufacturing in mind and our customers are familiar with the options available from Doorco. As some may see Gripcore as a premium alternative to our Original foam-core door, we’ve made sure that it’s available in the majority of our door designs by offering it in our six most popular slabs: 4 panel blank top, 6/4 combi and Farmhouse are the basis of our Traditional door designs; Flush delivers contemporary styling; and Monza II and Links for the Designer options.

To give Gripcore a point of differentiation that suits its class, there’s an exclusive range of colours to suit all tastes and decorative glazing options, including ‘tectonic’, which was designed by Jeyda, our creative consultant, and created exclusively for us by RegaLead.

Marketing support

The final key benefit customers are enjoying is the comprehensive marketing portfolio we have created, and that won us a G21 Award. There is a fresh new brand that customers can access at any level to adopt into their own marketing, from a simple stamp to a high-end brochure, CGI video to demonstrate the technology within the door, and a library of other marketing materials, both physical and digital, downloadable from the online asset portal on our website.

Doorco’s motto is ‘whatever it takes’ and this certainly rings true with Gripcore technology. It’s opening up a new dimension of solid-core composite door performance and aesthetics for our customers, with a product that delivers from a supplier that is committed to and conscientious about making their customers’ lives easier.