The year of 76

With customers now taking System 76, 2019 is a year for greater frame depths, better profile performance and new system technologies, as Gareth Jones, managing director of Profine UK and the Kömmerling brand explains.

The market for 70mm window and door systems is well established, yet some companies still produce three chambered profiles based on designs that are now 20 years old. Five chambered profiles are the current benchmark and our own System C70 and O70 can even achieve an impressive Uw-value of 1.2W/m2k with reinforcement. But what of the future?

The future is in deeper frame depths and much as we have moved from 58mm-60mm systems several decades ago, 2019 will be the year where we move towards systems in excess of 70mm in the form of our System 76. It’s not a huge increase in frame depth, but what it has offered is the opportunity to bring new thinking into profile design and shape.

Our first customers are now starting to take System 76 in the flush, casement, fully reversible and tilt and turn variants, eager to promote a product that’s a genuine technological step ahead of existing 70mm systems. As one of the world’s largest PVCU systems houses under the Profine Group banner, we have been able to harness the collective resources to develop a new platform for the future.

U-values of 1.0W/m2k can be readily achieved with a double-glazed unit in the casement window, while the tilt and turn variant can achieve 0.73W/m2k thanks to the use of pre-foamed proEnergyTec profiles. The aluminium/PVCU hybrid can even achieve a certified value of just 0.69W/m2k and we’re expecting greater adoption of this type of product specification, particularly in the commercial sector where specifiers will be able to harness the best attributes of both materials together in glazed solution.

You have to also consider the fact that System 76 is a pan-European platform for us and so we’ve got a considerable range of ancillaries and glazing bead options up to 48mm as standard. With our resources and reach we’ve been able to develop the new technologies for hybrid designs and proEnergyTec, that also helps us achieve Passivhaus standards of insulation.

One of the most important designs within System 76 in the UK will be the flush window variant, which will take both double and triple glazing as standard. There is a new Georgian bar for the window and it will feature all of the latest welding and mechanical jointing possibilities, along with the option of butt hinges.

The design facilitates both heritage and contemporary designs dependent on hinge, hardware and finish. We’ve taken the opportunity to introduce a number of new foiled options including the likes of English oak and a flat anthracite grey, as we believe the looks of System 76 are as important as the clever engineering within the overall profile design.

One of the other exciting developments for System 76 is the surface finish colour technology of proCoverTec, which is available in 22 different colours either single sided or as a complete cover through the rebate and on all visible faces. It offers proven water and dirt repellent properties, something that’s relevant to both the consumer and commercial markets. More recently a range of metallic finishes with this technology has been launched, and a titanium option will be offered on System 76 and also on the lift and slide PremiDoor 76, which forms part of the same platform.

2019 will be the year for 76 as fabricators and installers look to offer a technically better product, that’s also visually different in terms of profile design, operation and finish.

Our first fabricators are now starting to take stock as they look to launch to a new platform generation and they’re genuinely as excited as we are.

We’ll also be showcasing our entire range of System 70 and 76 at the FIT Show in May.