The glass of 2020

Distinction Doors’ marketing manager Bethaney Larkman looks at the latest stats, facts and developments relating to Distinction Glass, and why more fabricators are realising the benefits of the company’s prep service.

We all know that windows are for looking through, while doors are for looking at. Well, we have certainly proven this adage at Distinction, most recently with year-on-year growth for Distinction Glass.

Glass volume sales have increased by a third during the year to date 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. Much of this growth has been attributed to product availability; we hold extensive stock of both our decorative and obscure glass ranges.

Alongside door design and colour, the decorative glass panel is an important decision for homeowners when looking to boost the kerb appeal of their property.

Last year, Kara, Palma and Lunna proved the most popular decorative standard glass styles, accounting for almost 50% of the top ten sales. In fact, the bestseller list is dominated by traditional glass designs; proof of their enduring popularity.

When we first launched Distinction Glass, we wanted to challenge the preconception of glass design; a decision that continues to influence our approach to product development. As with door designs, glass needs to reflect the changing styles and demands of consumers. It was obvious that there was a desire for new, stylish designs which complement modern door styles.

The success of our unique contemporary glass designs is proof of this. They have become an extremely valuable addition to the range, offering fabricators and installers a genuine point of difference.

Our customers tell us that it gives homeowners greater flexibility, allowing them to inject personality into their entrance door and play with both classic and modern styling; or even blending the two.

Contemporary glass designs, Breeze, Nevis and Radiant were bestsellers in 2019, with Canvas and Cubic hot on their heels.

Of course, there are also homeowners who opt for a glazed front door to maximise light. Long glass panels, such as the 6P, work well for those wanting a modern look, while options like our latest development, the 9D Quarter Glazed cassette, are more classical.

The 9D is a snap-fit projected cassette and is a popular choice for our Stable Door. It also offers increased design flexibility for various other door styles.

We launched the new cassette with an obscure glazing range: Clear, DD-Cots and DD-Stipp. The Mini Blind and two decorative glass options will follow.

Demand for this large glazed design was driven by our customers, and we are confident that this will become the most popular cut-out style for stable doors.

All decorative glazing units are triple glazed and feature 6.8mm laminated glass as standard, allowing fabricators and installers to upsell to the Secured by Design option on Distinction’s doors without the hassle of placing an order for special glass.

Since its introduction, Distinction’s prep service has become a practical and cost-effective solution for fabricators, as more customers consider the cost of stockholding, premises, capital investment and overheads. Our advanced prepping facility represented 40% of our sales by value in 2019, and it looks like we’ll exceed this in 2020.

Distinction Glass is just one example of how we support our customers. We enable them to run their businesses efficiently, producing a high-quality entrance door set, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got it covered.