A view from the inside

By Doorco’s chief doork, Jeyda.

As the UK adjusts to life in lockdown, doors seem heavier than ever with their symbolism; never has it been more important to us which side of the door we’re on.

The one thing we can all be certain of is that no matter how well crafted a solid, hospital fire door may be, it’s not something we’re hoping to have to ponder anytime soon.

As I sat wistfully dreaming about the days when I can roam the streets freely again, admiring the doors all around, it dawned on me that I could take this crisis as a forced shift in perspective: a front door has two sides and both deserve appreciation and care.

Why should the external-facing side of a door get all the limelight? Sure, it’s what your neighbours see, but only fleetingly when they’re getting into the red Volvo to pop to get some ‘bits’ from the shop. Isn’t it important that we ensure the inside view of your door is as equally aesthetically pleasing? What should we value more: what the outside world views or what we’ll see countless times a day, every single day?

So, I asked friends to send over the ‘inside view’ (admittedly much less juicy than the ‘inside scoop’). Perhaps out of sheer boredom, people rose to the challenge and the photos came flooding in. But it soon became apparent that while a door seen from the outside holds a certain air of intrigue and mystique, the reverse view seems cold and oppressive. That could be lockdown speaking, but see for yourself how a crack peeping through to the other side makes a world of difference.

Of course, some doors look better than others left ajar and I’m certainly not suggesting that doors should be left open all over the country for the sheer tantalising beauty of the outside view. But if the inside view of a door is too depressing, then crack it open and see if that eases the melancholy.

The other thing that struck me about the inside view of a door, is how it can actually be like a piece of art within your home. Maybe you don’t have the money to buy the latest oil pastel canvas from a budding artist but who cares when you can ensure your door has enough striking features to be considered a work of art all by itself.

In making the case for the internal view of doors to be deemed art, consider these:

How a classic, subtle glass design reinvigorates the otherwise plain, white entrance.

How an almost psychedelic, modern-art looking glass commands attention.

How the pleasing symmetry of geometric glass gives a calming feel of order shielding you from a messy outside world.

How bold coloured doors give an enormous splash of fun – who needs a feature wall?

So although the inside view of a door might in current times remind us of being shut inside, it’s a great time to start thinking about how both sides of the door can be appreciated and add value to a home.