The end of the pixel race?

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

The latest offering from Apple boasts a three-camera phone but with the same 12 megapixel resolution as previous models. So, have we seen the limit on pixel count?

I’m sure that technology will continue to develop the resolution of these micro cameras, however, do we need the extra resolution? For most people looking for great pictures that can be seen on screens, print books and possibly larger, 12MP is more than ‘big’ enough.

What is important is the quality of the image, what the camera sees; that is the quality of each pixels capture. Apple has cleverly improved the light capture of its sensors to produce an improved set of data capture that the camera’s software and hardware use to output very impressive, well balanced images, in great colour.

As the phones cannot offer interchangeable lenses, the three fixed cameras offer a wide angle option though to a zoom option without loss of pixel quality.

What is impressive is the way the software caters for a high dynamic range (shadow to highlight), which is essentially software generated in fractions of a second.

Is the Pro as good as an SLR? Well it certainly seems to be getting near to entry level SLRs. Is it good enough for promotional photography? It is certainly perfect for PR pictures and I would also suggest that well-taken images would also pass for corporate literature as well.