The importance of PR

Andy Ball, managing director of Balls2 Marketing, talks about the importance of PR.

There’s the age-old quote that says, “everything you do or say is public relations”, and it’s true.

That’s why public relations is so important for businesses and organisations. The power of PR is phenomenal and it’s interesting to see how it is being used to dramatic effect in today’s world.

Take Donald Trump. Everything he does or says is carefully created to have a massive impact using PR principles. He is leading the news agenda in an unprecedented way, through his PR strategy. Whether you agree with his politics or not, his reach, influence and visibility are off the scale.

Extinction Rebellion is another good example. By carrying out PR stunts that demonstrate their message – disrupting the underground during rush hour, doing yoga on Waterloo Bridge – and using traditional tactics including celebrity endorsement, strong imagery, and fantastic timing for the news agenda, their impact has been incredible.

It’s large-scale examples like this that have fed and nurtured the way we approach marketing strategies for clients. Our roots have always been firmly planted in PR. What we find is that through this, we can hone messages in a much more effective way.

Even as we have grown into a full-service marketing agency, PR acts as the centre piece for all of our strategies. This means that every marketing activity we do delivers the right impact for clients.

At the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Pride Awards Balls2 Marketing, as a full-service marketing agency we picked up a Gold award for Outstanding Small Relations Consultancy and the Silver award for Outstanding Consultancy. We were so pleased to win the award because it demonstrates the effectiveness of putting PR at the heart of everything we do.

Public Relations is all about the story you tell about your business. To get the best impact, be consistent, be focused, be honest and, most of all, deliver what you promise.