The advantage of dual sourcing

Laura Richardson
Laura Richardson

Dual sourcing is a huge reason behind TWR’s success with installers, explains the company’s group director, Laura Richardson.

When installers choose a new supplier, they have a checklist of boxes they need ticked to make sure they find the right one.

Reputation, quality of product and delivery and capacity are, of course, hugely important, but a fabricator that dual sources is something installers should consider.

North East-based fabricator, TWR Group, currently offers customers bi-fold doors from aluminium systems companies Smart Systems and Cortizo. And according to the company’s group director, Laura Richardson, it’s one of the big reasons why TWR has a reputation as one of the leading aluminium bi-fold door suppliers in the country.

“Dual sourcing has allowed us to stay updated with the latest advancements in aluminium bi-fold door systems, while continuing to provide the high level of technical support to customers that we always have. It also means we can offer a choice of different bi-fold doors to installers, so they can win more business.”

The perfect selection

Alongside Smarts’ popular Visofold 1000 bi-fold door, which features a typical sightline of 133mm, TWR Group recently introduced the enhanced Visofold 1000 Slim to its range of aluminium bi-fold doors.

It boasts a reduced sightline of 122mm to make the glazed area even larger, Smart’s Quick-Glaze Bead UN3160G with integrated gasket for quicker installation, and its upgraded slim profiles provides improved energy ratings, with U-Values from 1.5 W/m²K.

The Cortizo bi-fold door features a slender sightline of just 120mm with U-Values from 1.1 (W/m²K), is equipped with an adjustable jam for easy fitting, can accommodate up to 14 sashes, and has a maximum height of 3m, making them well-suited for period properties.

“Being able to offer a range of bi-fold door styles, configurations, and finishes to cater for different customer preferences will allow installers to cater to a broader customer base and fulfil various project requirements,” said Laura.

“They have both got different characteristics and some customers will only buy Smarts bi-fold doors and some will only buy Cortizo. By being able to offer that choice means we can cater for any project, big or small.”

A winning move

Having introduced bi-fold doors from Smarts more than 10 years ago, adding the Cortizo bi-fold to provide customers with another option has proved a shrewd one and a hit with customers.

Finding a fabricator that dual sources means installers get more choice as well as the same level of service when it comes to technical help and delivery.

“Making the decision to dual source six years ago has strengthened our hold on the market while giving installers more choice,” said Laura.

“We have always been a proactive fabricator, whether that is introducing new products to make things easier for our customers, to our experienced technical team who have over a decade of experience that installers can tap into on all b-folds.

“Installers need a fabricator that they can stick with and develop a long-term relationship with, and one that dual sources guarantees continuity of supply. Our customers have the choice of perfect bi-fold doors to take advantage for any project.”