Targeting prospects during change

Jade Greenhow, Insight Data’s general manager, discusses the challenges of marketing in a rapidly changing industry, and how Salestracker and its new email marketing platform, Stem, can help.

For better or worse, acquisitions, mergers and consolidations have become a regular sight in the fenestration industry. Such is their frequency, the industry landscape seems to change almost on a daily basis, as stock prices change, deals are finalised, and businesses wait for the dreaded knock at the door.

This, of course, creates a number of challenges for businesses, chief of which is how to effectively connect with new customers.

As the industry changes so rapidly, data decay has never been more significant, with once trusty marketing lists and spreadsheets now destined for the archives because they simply cannot keep up.

It’s for this reason we have seen businesses across every sector of the industry switch their approach and adopt Salestracker for their sales and marketing needs. In doing so, businesses can eliminate data decay and avoid damaging their reputation by contacting companies that are no longer trading, or decision makers who have moved on.

Salestracker is our online portal, combining a prospect database, a CRM system, and a new, integrated email marketing platform called Stem. It’s powered by what we call ‘real-time data’, which is achieved through an in-depth seven-stage verification process for accuracy.

In one of these stages, our in-house research team makes more than 20,000 calls per month to confirm every detail. In another, we have a direct feed from a credit reference agency that confirms credit ratings and identifies companies in our database that have gone bust, moved or changed directors.

This means our 700+ users – including major systems companies, fabricators, component suppliers and manufacturers – always have access to the most up-to-date data and market intelligence for the fenestration and construction industries. Better still, Salestracker is an online platform that is available via a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device providing 24/7 access.

Salestracker brings together live data for more than 60,000 potential customers, including contact details and business information such as key decision makers, suppliers, output, and credit ratings. Whether they’re architects, housebuilders, main contractors, local builders or fellow professionals from the fenestration industry, Salestracker allows you to target the right prospective customer for your business.

It’s a stark contrast to those businesses relying solely on one-off data lists – sending out email campaigns to old email addresses with nothing to show for their investment except high bounce rates and potential blacklisting from email providers. That difference was made even clearer when we launched Stem, Salestracker’s integrated email marketing platform.

Stem is a dedicated email marketing platform that uses Salestracker’s prospect data. Now, customers can create their email audience using our data and then design and build email campaigns in HTML, or using our drag-and-drop design suite, or one of our templates.

Once it’s sent, Stem will track any responses, leads or enquiries using an in-built landing page and Salestracker’s CRM system – ready to be followed up by the sales team.

The combination of Salestracker and Stem removes the need for businesses to internally manage and cleanse their data. When businesses pair Salestracker and a Stem email campaign with our direct mail and telesales services, they can create a multi-channel campaign to a highly targeted data group either locally or nationally.