The force is strong in this one

Richie Thornton, director at The Consultancy, asks if we understand online technology enough to embrace it for maximum impact.

The online world, in its various applications, is a force to be reckoned with. We’re all aware of our reliance on computers and software in our everyday lives and have seen the negative effects when encountering a technical hitch. We’re also all becoming increasingly aware of cyber security as consumers and as businesses.

However, what a lot of companies don’t realise, is the positive impact a tailored online presence can have on their business. Often hidden behind the scenes, or seen as an add on to a business, when used correctly and intertwined with top level business strategy, online initiatives can build market leadership.

This level of success, however, needs investment in time and resource to achieve. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so it’s important to work with a supplier that understands your business and your sector. This will mean they have a greater handle on who you supply and what will work for your target market.

Specialists know what works and what doesn’t, and have knowledge of all related products too. After all, how many companies are selling just one product in our industry anymore?

Similarly, a specialist in your industry will understand the needs of the entire supply chain and (where relevant) will ensure that your website works in tandem with your customers.

Just one example for the glazing industry would be for a homeowner to be able to place an order on an installer’s own branded website which goes straight through to the fabricator supplier. Systems like this improve efficiency and customer/supplier relationships.

Even though we all use them every day, we probably still underestimate the importance of a good-looking, easy to use and where relevant, multi-functioning website. A well-designed website pulls visitors in and speaks volumes about the kind of company you are. And the more answers it supplies, the better. For example, including a customer complaint facility is a great way to support your in-house customer support function or the ultimate goal of an online presence for many – lead generation. The possibilities though, are endless.

The final piece of the online jigsaw is app development. With 197 million apps being downloaded in 2017, app design and development remains a popular online tool for companies to have in their armoury. With so much competition it’s essential to work with a supplier you can trust to create reliable and easy to use designs that deliver on the brief.

The Consultancy is an online solutions provider that has been working with companies specifically in the window, door and glazing industries for 30 years, supplying exactly these initiatives. A lot of people know us for our Door Designer product, used in different forms by the likes of Door-Stop and Solidor, we also have a vast portfolio of various online websites and products with companies in the casement window, vertical slider, bifolding door, PVCU and aluminium sectors.

We offer a wide array of online services, including high-end websites for all size of company – some with multiple functions such as order tracking, lead generation and online complaints forms, to name just a few – while others are the more traditional, brochure type websites.

Where relevant, we also work with fabricators and their installer customers to create a whole supply chain solution where relevant. This means all websites in the chain look professional, work together and support the sales process throughout.

Every project is different just as every client is different, and we enjoy partnering with like-minded ambitious companies to achieve real results.

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