Take your best shot

We all take pictures of events, project completions, new equipment; in fact we take pictures when we are proud of some personal achievement or employee achievement. While these images are occasionally shared they are all too often lost in our computers or smartphones.

Every company, no matter how small, should always keep a photographic library with one person responsible for the filing and upkeep. The simplest form of library is to collect the images from an event or project and place them in a single file and then label the file with date and description.

I like to start the description with a six-digit reverse date; so with two digits each – year, month, day. You will find that with this approach all event folders will fall into chronological order, something I find is easier to search for images in the future.

If you can store the images on a cloud server, you can make the images ‘view only’ and allow other employees to share for use for sales or marketing purposes.

It’s a very simple system, which does not need sophisticated software, and it can save you a great deal of time when you need that specific image for a press release. It’s the reason why, as a professional photographer, I use it.