Something in the aïr

Three years since its launch, aïr has taken the industry by storm, changing the market to give brand-driven design-savvy homeowners a product for transforming their homes. Brand ambassador Jay Patel tells all.

What makes a great brand? Well, first and foremost the best brands around understand their audience completely. They know how they tick, what their interests are, what impresses them and how they communicate. Once you know your audience, it’s about creating something that’s unique and appeals to them.

That’s how aïr began. Several years of research and development went into finding the gap in the market and it turned out that what was missing in the home improvement sector was a lifestyle brand.

The consumers of the future are young-in-attitude, research-savvy and brand-driven. These are people who aspire to have something better and show real devotion to their favourite brands. They’ll choose their car or phone from the complete package – how it looks, how it’s made, and the brand values behind it. What does that car or phone say about the person who has bought it?

aïr was born out of the belief that the same progressive attitude can be applied to home improvements – that you can make a statement about your individual style through your choice of door. A premium retail aluminium brand would meet these consumers’ demands by giving them something refined and captivating for their investment.

The values of aïr are integrated through the entire buying experience, including marketing, manufacturing and customer service. It isn’t just about buying a door – but buying a lifestyle. Look at Apple or BMW. There’s a clear and consistent identity through everything they do, so that their showrooms are as well-engineered as the products themselves.

aïr was developed in the same inclusive way and exploded into the glazing industry three years ago at G13. As a main event sponsor that was unknown to the industry, aïr provided a real note of glamour and mystery to the occasion.

It felt like there was something in the aïr, that something new and impressive was on the horizon – as indeed it was. aïr delivers high-performance lift and slide and bifolding doors with super-slim sightlines and impeccable thermal efficiency to consumers who want the best when it comes to their home.

The journey begins in the showroom. There’s a dedicated aïrzone at Everglade’s showroom in Perivale, West London with 11 sets of aïr high performance bifolding and lift and slide doors. Specially commissioned lightboxes show all the benefits of the doors in the most vibrant aïr orange.

An exclusive network of aïr accredited retailers has been created from the shared vision with the most progressive home improvement companies. Over the past two years, the number of accredited retailers has doubled to 20, each with a dedicated aïrzone showroom, which means there are boundless opportunities for homeowners to see the benefits of aïr, and there are many.

aïr doors have been designed so retailers can offer homeowners a number of options to suit their tastes, all backed by precise engineering.

With wider panes of glass and slimmer frames, homeowners can make the most of views from their homes. aïr lift and slide doors offer a 2.5m maximum sash width and aïr bifolding doors can create a 3m-high floor to ceiling opening. Homeowners can complete the look with aïrcoat, a dirt resistant, textured paint available in a range of colours.

aïr’s performance includes: U-values as low as 1.0, aïrtight interlocking weather seals, a Secured by Design standard locking system, and anti-finger trap technology.

Plus, our aïr accredited retailers have been selected so that the aïr brand values are maintained even after purchase, through strong customer service and aftercare.

Since the launch of aïr, we’ve seen the proof that consumers want a high-desirability of the lifestyle brand. We set a target of £1m sales in our first year and hit it within nine months, confirming the huge appetite for this kind of style and quality in aluminium doors.

aïr continues to grow. Over 1,700 aïr doors have been sold, including over 850 aïr 600LS lift and slide doors. Annual sales are more than double what we achieved in that first year. The brand will continue to evolve, with even more engineering innovation, design options, and chances to see the doors in action at dedicated aïrzones.

At the heart of everything will be the same rigorous focus on aïr’s values and how it helps the consumers of the future to choose aluminium doors that offer a captivating combination of timeless design and modern performance.

We’re actively seeking more aïr accredited retailers. If you think the aïr brand would fit in nicely with your offering to customers, please get in touch.