Setting it right

By Adrian Toon, director of a2n.

Taking images of your own installations for promotional purposes using smartphones can look very professional, given a little time and thought before arriving on site.

Obviously, key is making sure that the installation is complete with all groundworks and any planting done. Placing pot plants so they appear at the edge of the image, and possibly a table and chair, with paper, glasses and glass of wine, to the side of the shot. What you can create with a little effort is what is called a ‘lifestyle’ shot. This shows a setting where the viewer imagines themselves in the picture enjoying what the product brings to life.

Good weather helps, so check the weather and where the sun is located at a given time of day, which is right for the photograph – often behind you as you take the picture. There are many apps available which will give you the location of the sun for any location and time.

Camera settings? Just keep the highest quality and use HDR if it is an option; smart devices are now excellent at ensuring an image is well balanced.

Finally, compose the image: keep the camera upright so all the vertical lines appear vertical in the image and take as many angles as you can. You then have several images to choose from when viewed back in the office on a PC.

Just a little bit of planning will go a long way in producing images which can go into your PR and possibly on your website.