Redefining energy efficiency

AluFoldDirect has added a roof lantern to its Solution series and launched a guide to Part L compliance.

Award-winning trade and commercial fabricator, AluFoldDirect, says it is ‘redefining energy efficiency standards’ with its Solution series. It has now added a roof lantern as the latest addition to the product range.

The Solution series’ roof lantern offers a 0.8 W/m²K U-value, coupled with AluFoldDirect’s guaranteed two-week delivery time – glazed, and direct-to-site.

The roof lantern joins AluFoldDirect’s A-BiFold, A-Slider and A-Window Solution series products, which are available to installers at passive performance 0.8 W/m²K U-value, a new build-ready 1.2 W/m²K U-value, and Building Regulation compliant Solution at 1.4 W/m²K U-value.

This collection of products means AluFoldDirect can turn around ready-to-fit window, door and roof lantern systems to meet any thermal requirement in two weeks.

Central to its standout speed is AluFoldDirect’s 90,000ft2 manufacturing facility and Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn, with more than £1 million worth of stock on-site and three automated product lines.

“The factory features high-technology CNC machining centres,” explained commercial director, Rhodri John. “We have moved all prep from the fabrication tables into machining centres so that we get a consistent, quality finished product. It is this level of precision that allows the production lines to facilitate the two or even one-week delivery times AluFoldDirect guarantees.

“That delivery will also always arrive in a white label van, because AluFoldDirect is a supply partner. We are an extension of our customers’ businesses. That’s the way we like them to feel.”

Design centre

Installers have the opportunity to experience AluFoldDirect’s full range of aluminium products at the Aluminium Glazing Design Centre, which sits within its Blackburn site. The showroom and education space features full-size working product displays, including AluFoldDirect’s Solution series of top-level energy efficient aluminium windows and doors.

Open to customers from 8.30am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, installers can also book a private appointment for a curated walkthrough, product demonstration and tailored project advice on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, subject to availability.

Rhodri explained: “There is nowhere better for installers to be introduced to our products than the Aluminium Glazing Design Centre, and we encourage them to arrange a no obligation visit as soon as they can.

“In a time of industry uncertainty over U-values and the Future Homes Standard, our team is on hand to explain our solutions. Our 0.8 W/m²K U-value windows, bi-fold and sliding doors, as part of the Solution Series, set a new benchmark for energy efficiency.

Part L compliance

“We are confident and committed to innovation in the face of change. The landscape of building and refurbishment regulations is dynamic, and staying informed is essential for installers who don’t want to risk being left behind,” said Rhodri.

Part L Building Regulations vary depending on project and location. According to AluFoldDirect, the uncertainty and lack of understanding in the market has led it to step in to support installers gain clarity on compliance. As part of this it has compiled an installer guide titled ‘Part L Compliance: What You Need To Know’, which has been designed to cut through the noise and introduce customers to quality products that will keep them ahead of the curve.

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