Popular in 2023

Bethaney Swann
Bethaney Swann

Bethaney Swann, associate director of marketing at Distinction Doors, reveals the company’s best-selling products across door styles, decorative glass and paint colour.

2023 has been the best year yet for nxt-gen. Sales of our innovative door range have risen significantly in recent years; they have almost doubled since 2020 and they are increasing still, up 16% year to date 2023 compared with 2022.

We believe there are several reasons for this surge. Consumer interest and demand for flush products is undoubtedly a contributing factor. Our nxt-gen doors feature our exclusive flush-fitted beaded system and moulding. This makes it the composite door of choice for homeowners selecting other flush products for their property.

Fabricators have reported massive growth in flush products over the past two or three years, especially flush casement windows which seem to be overtaking heritage styles. This trend has directly impacted sales of nxt-gen as fabricators and installers look to maximise opportunities by offering a complete range of flush products.

Then, of course, there are the benefits associated with fabricating nxt-gen. This range gives our customers the competitive edge as it requires significantly less glazing time and consumables.

Our best-selling nxt-gen door styles remain steadfast with no change in the top three: At number one is the nxt-gen ES02 Esteem; at number two is nxt-gen EL01 Elegance; and at number three is nxt-gen EC02 Eclat Arch. Since launching last year, our nxt-gen Craftsman is flying high at number four.

The rise in nxt-gen sales means that three nxt-gen door styles now occupy positions in our top 10 selling door styles.

Number one

Despite the trend for contemporary doors our classic, more traditional styles are still a firm favourite.  ES02 Esteem remains our top-seller, coupled with the nxt-gen equivalent in second place this makes it our most popular door style by far.

This is closely followed by our EL01 Elegance standard and nxt-gen styles, in at three and five respectively.

Worthy of a mention is our Renown Collection. RR02 Renown and RR03 Renown Diamond stay in fourth and ninth position. However, our solid RE01 Cottage has entered the top 10, up seven places to become our eighth best-seller in 2023.

This dramatic climb may be a reaction to rising energy costs as homeowners seek ways to make their homes more energy efficient. For many, a solid door style would feel like a sensible choice.

Decorative glass

Many of our door styles feature glass. Taken from our much-loved glass range, Kara is our best-selling glazing option in 2023, followed by Palma, Aspen, Lunna, and Scotia.

We also launched two new glass designs last month, Chatsworth and Wentworth, in response to consumer demand for clean, simple and contemporary glass styles that are fuss-free and maximise light.

Warm and natural colours

It will come as no surprise that once again Distinction anthracite grey is our top paint colour for 2023, with no sign of moving any time soon!

Our top 10 paint colours are dominated by neutral shades of grey and black. Blue also remains a popular choice with Distinction steel blue and distant blue RAL 5023 featuring.

However, we are seeing a shift. Natural greys and warmer neutrals are on the up. Distinction pebble grey has almost doubled since 2022 and both Distinction agate grey and honey beige have shown strong growth.

We believe this is a response to changing interior and fashion trends hitting the mainstream. Natural textures, tones and materials are in vogue. Think of Dulux’s colour of the year 2023, wild wonder, which is inspired by nature and is harmonious with our honey beige.

Bold and bright

In stark contrast, bolder and brighter colours are also on the up. Sales of telemagenta have doubled year on year and turquoise blue has risen by more than a third as homeowners recognise a vibrant and cheery front door is a small yet effective way of injecting personality into a home and boosting kerb appeal.