Partnership approach to commercial work

Glazerite UK group director Jason Thompson says installers are right to target the more prestigious jobs.

It isn’t surprising that more and more installers are being tempted to tender for commercial work. The scale of each contract is attraction enough but when you add in other factors such as consistency of demand, repetition in manufacturing and the likelihood of getting paid on time, then the prospect seems too good to miss.

After all, a few dozen frames every week for a couple of months, all in two or three sizes and designs, with the lot on one invoice to one customer, seems like the dream ticket.

Such rewards at one time were strictly the domain of the bigger operators that had the skills and resources to handle formalities such as specification, accreditations, CAD drawings, BIM modelling, site safety regimes, and more.

Now however, some smaller and medium installers are discovering that with the right fabricator and a supportive system supplier, all of the necessary infrastructure is already in place, although having the right fabricator and sysco is not something to be taken for granted.

Bolton-based Grosvenor has been undertaking contracts all around the commercial arena for some years, and says the support of Glazerite UK Group and Veka have been key to its success and growth in the sector, as Jessica Millership explained.

“Commercial contracts are about much more than doing a good job,” she said. “Clients know exactly what they want, both in terms of product specification and in the technical expertise in planning and design that go into completing the contract, and they are used to dealing with companies that can deliver all those things.

“We know from years of experience of working with Glazerite and Veka that we have access to all those resources to enable us to tender competitively against anyone else in the field.

“We have access to a product range with specification and accreditations second to none, and from companies with an unrivalled track record among commercial clients, but these are backed by the technical support of both Veka and Glazerite’s commercial teams as well as the expertise necessary to complete the tendering process, including drawings and all the relevant contract documents.”

She added that all this has enabled the company to gain such a reputation that it is often called on by large commercial clients to step in on contracts where other companies have let them down.

Many smaller and medium installers may be daunted by the infrastructure and technical demands of commercial work but we want them to know that any competent installer can follow Grosvenor’s example with the kind of support we offer.

Many of our installer partners – including some much smaller than Grosvenor – are now benefitting from taking this route and we are finding that many others are showing an interest in following.