Own brand machinery

As part of an ongoing quest to make joinery production quicker, easier and more efficient for the small or large-scale operator, Mighton Products recently set its sights on developing its own brand range of machinery.

Drawing on his personal joinery experience, chairman Mike Derham worked with the Mighton team over a number of months devising a collection of machines that alleviate some of the more frustrating and time-consuming tasks called for when constructing high quality authentic timber windows.

The philosophy behind these is actually to return to basics by identifying small but important tasks that might otherwise tie up larger machines, and which could be resolved by relatively simple and inexpensive standalone kit.

Once the first machines were launched in early 2017 the company gave Tibby Singh, the former BBC Young Carpenter of the Year and now a professional tools and tech tester and reviewer, the opportunity to put the two first Mighton machines – the X-Cut and Scribe-It – to the test.

“Scribing is a bit like diving in at the deep end,” Tibby said. “There is a lot more to it than meets the eye so I was intrigued to see how well the Scribe-It machine would stand up to the challenge. My initial concern was that there would be lots of buttons and complex software to figure out before I could operate it. However, the machine was incredibly simple to set up and after being given a just a short demonstration I was happily scribing away by myself.

“The main action is carried out using not one but two cutters. This allows for the shaping of the bead to be done in two halves, one after the other. By using a method like this the machine safeguards against potential issues, such as the bead splitting or spelching at the end, leaving you with a precise clean cut every time.

“There’s a range of compatible tooling available to suit various types of profile and the components have been made quick and easy to interchange, which for me was a real plus. The speed can also be adjusted to anywhere between 12,000RPM and 18,000RPM to suit the material being cut.”

On average, the Mighton Scribe-It completes a full cutting cycle in just 15 seconds and is compatible with any profile up to 45mm wide and 35mm deep.

“The machine is not only fast but clean too,” Tibby said. “With a 63mm extraction outlet it can be connected to a vacuum extractor of choice to continuously clear away waste materials as you work. It also came with a complementary air gun which is great for getting rid of the daily dust build up to keep everything looking and performing at its best. The Scribe-It may be small but packs a mighty blow.”

Tibby then turned his attention to the X-Cut. “There are a number of 45º angles incorporated in a traditional cross joint, making it a little more complex to achieve, so I was surprised how well the X-cut machine simplifies the process,” he said.

“This machine was also quick and easy to set up, the tools were easy to interchange and there was no lengthy manual or complicated computer program to learn before being able to get started.”

Once assembled, the X-cut machine adjusts to accept bead profiles measuring anywhere from 9mm to 19mm in height and 12mm-38mm wide. Any lengths over 500mm can be used with the option to add extending arms either side of the machine for ease of loading longer sections.

“After slotting my chosen bead into place the machine’s three cutters then worked together to produce the cross cut,” Tibby said. “Two cutters, one on either side, move up and down to produce two clean 45º cut outs while any dust is removed through the 63mm extraction outlet. This is followed by a third flute cutter gliding horizontally through the bead to create a hollowed-out section designed to accept other interlocking parts.

“Speed control is variable between 12,000RPM and 18,000RPM to suit different materials, but on average it takes only 15 seconds before the cutting is complete.

“Even at this speed the X-Cut maintains a consistent high level of finish.

“This is aided by features such as the thickness gauge tool. When setting the cutting depth required the X-Cut is designed to automatically increase measurements by half a millimetre, ensuring all components comfortably slot together every time.”

Demonstrations of any machine in the Mighton range are available via the new Mighton Mobile Demonstration Vehicles. This service gives customers the option to book a free appointment, at home or at work, with a Mighton expert and receive a live demonstration showing how to get the most out of a potential purchase.

A choice of flexible finance options is also available making both machines easily attainable for small to medium joinery companies.