On time and in full

With 99.8% of Selecta’s deliveries on time and in full, warehouse and logistics manager Peter Lawrence explains how the figures stack up.

Making sure that customers receive their orders in full and on time is the key objective of the department, and our otif statistics stand at 99.8%, something we are proud of.

One recent improvement is the newer vehicle tracking system, which is fitted to all delivery, technical support and sales vehicles so we can pinpoint their exact location at any point during the working day.

The tracking also allows us to work more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that customers receive the service they and their business requires. This has paid dividends in achieving the on time and in full statistics, owing to its visibility of delivery routes.

This also allows us to inform customers of the driver’s ETA. The system was put to the test during the March ‘Beast from the East’ torrid weather conditions, where we ensured that every customer’s deliveries were completed. Customers were continually advised during the delivery process of the vehicles updated location and ETA.

Our team of drivers and internal staff worked fantastically and tirelessly to ensure that our customers received their orders and that the whole journey was relayed to them.

Over the last few months, Selecta has also upgraded a number of vehicles both on and off the road. New HGVs have been added to the fleet while two new multi-directional fork lift trucks have been added to the storage warehouse, improving efficiency, storage space and increased stock holding.

These upgrades are part of our continual improvement programme within the warehouse and logistics department, with further expansions planned during 2018 and beyond, to manage the increase in the demand of our Advance 70 window and door system.

Our aim is to build a successful business partnership between us and our customers, and one that we can deliver on.