When marketing matters!

Business may be booming, but having a solid marketing plan will ensure that you remain busy in the long term. Jane Ward, co-founder and director of Team 4 Marketing, discusses how her company’s supportive, creative and transparent approach continues to achieve results.

Marketing is a key business activity whether you want to maintain your business at the level it’s at now or grow it. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

In our experience, our clients come to us with two different problems.

The first is time. They know they need to be more active when it comes to their marketing but there aren’t enough hours in the day. And with the current boom in demand across the industry, time has never been a more precious commodity. Worryingly, some companies are blind-sided by this current uptake in demand with some feeling they can take a break from marketing their business as they have enough work in the pipeline and they’re simply just too busy.

The second is expertise. In some cases, companies don’t feel confident taking on marketing or they may have had a bad experience with an agency not delivering what it was intended to achieve.

In both cases, the result is they’re missing important opportunities to market their business effectively.

A smart marketing plan should always support business growth and align to the business objectives. It should also be a continuous function rather than an ad-hoc activity. Time and time again, we see companies raise their awareness in quiet times only to pull back when busy. This is terribly counterproductive as various studies have shown that it takes several marketing ‘touches’ before a potential customer is confident to work with a business. Therefore, if you stop promoting your business at a peak time, you may well miss out on potential opportunities or worse still, lose out to your competitors.

Whichever situation you’re facing the solution is the same: outsource to a trusted provider. It’s a solution that will buy you both time to focus on the pressing needs of the business and marketing expertise to deliver the results you want.

Outsourced marketing for businesses in the fenestration industry is the solution we’ve been providing since we set up Team 4 Marketing in 2004. And having been marketing the window industry since 1990 when you take into account my corporate career, it’s no stretch to say we really know what we’re talking about.

Our business model is simple: we provide the services you need in the way you want and at price you’ll like.

We offer a complete marketing service package which includes compelling PR strategies, effective social media activity, intelligent website and e-marketing campaigns that boost engagement and high quality creative and digital designs to make your brand stand out.  And these tools are delivered within a cohesive marketing strategy to align with your business objectives.

If you want someone who can take care of just one aspect of your marketing, we can do that too. We also offer a hybrid approach to our services to get the solutions you want.

And however you want to work with us, our starting point is always the same: we’ll work closely with you to understand your business and the results you want to achieve. From there, we’ll develop a plan that helps you achieve those results. It’s a tailor-made solution that recognises that your business is unique.

It’s an approach that has given us considerable success over the years. Most of our clients have been with us from the start and we work with some of the leading industry brands along with companies of all sizes. It’s a fact I’m very proud of – if nothing else, it demonstrates that our return is more than worth the investment in our services.