Are you neglecting your marketing?

When business is booming, it’s all too easy to neglect your marketing, even though you know it’s a mistake. Gerald Allen, head of marketing at Epwin Windows Systems, discusses how their multi-faceted Connect digital platform helps fabricators and installers avoid the trap.

Two years ago, when the first lockdown started, you probably read articles reminding you of the importance of continuing your marketing to help you through the looming recession. Today, few businesses in our industry are concerned about recession. More likely is concern about how to keep up with demand. But despite the sales boom, it’s perhaps never been more important to continue marketing.

Quite simply, you should never stop marketing. And while your marketing is likely to be built around product campaigns and seasonal changes, at its heart, its goal is always to create a steady stream of leads. In other words, it’s something that needs to be done regularly and consistently. Because when you stop marketing, your business stops existing in the eyes of your potential customers.

Of course, this is easier said than done. We know that many fabricators and installers don’t always have a dedicated marketing person, let alone a dedicated marketing team. Instead, marketing is something that’s done by business owners and internal teams who already have enough on their plate. When the order book is full, it’s very easy to put marketing activity on the back burner.

This is where the support of your systems company comes in. And when your systems company is Epwin Window Systems, you have a distinct strategic advantage.

Because Epwin is the home of the Connect digital platform. It’s a 24/7/365 bespoke-designed integrated platform for the vast, value-added benefits that are available to Epwin’s customers. It brings together all our support offers, plus a lead generation mechanism that passes retail and commercial leads to fabricators and installers.

Part of the offering is an unparalleled suite of marketing support that saves you time and resources and equips you with award-winning expertise.

In the first instance, Connect makes it easy to access high-end marketing materials. From a single access point you get a comprehensive image and video library and digital versions of our complete suite of brochures.

But that’s just the beginning. You can also access Brandhub360 from where you can order a wide range of professionally designed brochures, point of sale materials, advertising collateral and more. Artwork templates can be edited easily with new text and images to produce bespoke marketing collateral. Mailing lists can be added to templates to produce targeted personalised mailings. Business cards can be ordered in seconds by simply entering the details into the appropriate template. Multiple orders can be placed by simply uploading an Excel file and the variable information is instantly imported into the appropriate templates.

If online is your focus, you can get social media ideas and best practice guidelines from Epwin’s marketing team. There are also website design packages from industry experts, The Consultancy.

If you’re looking for additional support, there are options to work with the Epwin’s design team. It’s an in-house service that gets you bespoke support.

For PR expertise or copy that communicates the value of what your business has to offer, our longstanding PR partner, Team 4 Marketing, is here to help.

Even as the boom continues, it’s vital to continue marketing – it will help you capitalise on today’s opportunities and maintain momentum when it subsides. With Epwin you get award-winning systems plus the comprehensive Connect platform that, among many other things, helps you continue to deliver high quality marketing with the minimum of effort.

So, if you’re already an Epwin Window Systems customer, make sure you’re making the most of what Connect has to offer. If you aren’t yet a customer but this has whetted your appetite, feel free to get in touch…