Light, bright, and breezy with SheerVent

By Jon Crohill, project manager, Sheerline.

Summers in the UK are predicted to get increasingly hot over the coming years. We’ve already witnessed record temperatures over the past few seasons, with unpredictable weather systems wreaking havoc throughout the rest of the year.

One thing that has become apparent is that this trend will continue, both in the UK and around the world. For developers and builders, property managers and architects, one of the newest factors affecting their projects is the requirement for ventilation and designing out overheating.

This is especially true in cities where the heat is stifling, and ventilation is crucial for the wellbeing of residents, which is reflected in the government’s Part O Building Regulations that came into effect in June 2022. It looks at limiting solar gains and the role of ventilation.

In this article, I’ll explain the key features and benefits of installing SheerVent roof vents in S1 lanterns, and highlight how this intelligent ventilation solution is helping homeowners stay cool throughout the hot summer months.

When it came to developing a new roof vent for our award winning S1 roof, the in-house R&D team here at Sheerline reviewed what currently existed, what the challenges were, and what would make this product exceptional.

SheerVent is the culmination of all this hard work, offering a fresh approach to roof lantern ventilation, bringing them into the 21st century at last. Not only does it offer reliable (leak-free) ventilation with a contemporary, sleek aesthetic, but it also provides intelligent operation through automation.

It has been designed specifically to allow larger openings to enhance the flow of air through any room or space and to offer ventilation during hot summers. Available in sizes up to 1.1 x 1.2m, SheerVent is the obvious choice for homeowners, fabricators, and installers looking for meaningful, reliable ventilation.

Fitting directly into the ridge body and extending all the way to the eaves of the S1 lantern, not only ensures a balanced look, but also eliminates the need for a muntin bar. Which are often prone to leaking on legacy designed systems, other lanterns rely on.
And thanks to the option to add discreet sensors, that can react to rain, wind and light, customers have peace of mind if the weather changes suddenly as the vent’s powered actuators automate the opening and closing process.

For homeowners, this means they can simply enjoy their roof lantern, whatever the weather. And when it comes to colour options, they can choose from the same core S1 range, opt for something bespoke, or choose dual RAL colours.

One of the key design trends and customer demands over the past few years has been to achieve a consistent aesthetic throughout the home, and SheerVent continues the sleek flush look of the S1 lantern, which perfectly matches the rest of the Sheerline range of high-quality aluminium products.

The home of the future, today
Ventilation is an increasingly hot topic for developers and homeowners. While it may not be a priority for those living outside of cities at present, it will become an issue in the future. That’s why developers and builders must think about ventilation now, and how they can build the homes of the future, today.

The intelligent SheerVent ventilation system for roof lanterns is enabling homeowners to flood their homes with natural light while enjoying a breeze during the hot summer months, allowing warm air to escape.

The fact the system is automated and has discreet sensors monitoring for weather changes (wind, rain, and sun) enables homeowners to enjoy hassle-free ventilation.

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