Knowledge is power

By Liniar’s Simone Sangha.

Developing yourself for the future is definitely something most of us marketers wish we had more time to do.

With marketing evolving so rapidly, it’s imperative to adapt to progress in this industry. I believe in times like these, it’s really important to remain positive and, most importantly, keep our minds stimulated.

So, whether you’re currently working from home, on furlough, or just find yourself with some extra time, I want to highlight some opportunities us marketers can use to develop ourselves for times ahead.

Google Exams. To improve in any field, expanding your knowledge is key, and when delving into more complex areas you may find books, magazines and other literature just aren’t enough. Google exams are a great way to test your knowledge to see where you could possibly improve and to add to your existing skillset. The exams from Google are completely free and range from topics such as Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, Search and even Mobile. I’ve included a link in the tips section to help you get started.

Webinars. Long gone are the days that you had to physically be somewhere to feel its impact on your personal growth; webinars have taken off in recent years so the ability to stay up to date with new trends in your industry has never been easier. I’d recommend signing up to webinars and emails such as Marketing Week to ensure you’re aware of any industry trends, changes and new, emerging, algorithms coming in the near future. This will help to keep you in the loop with any changes before and as they happen.

Find your niche. Unlike some other departments, marketing is just so vast, covering everything from graphic design, content, digital and much more. In bigger corporations, this can even separate further, into roles specialising in social media or email marketing as an example. It took me a good couple of years of working in marketing to figure out what sparked my interest, but once I found it my career also became my passion. Take this time to look into what interests you and use this situation to develop yourself and find your drive.

I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic. Personally, I will be using this time wisely as who knows when we will have this time again and, hopefully, I’ve given you some tips to stay positive and productive too.

Bonus Tip:  Make sure you download your certificate if you do end up completing any of Goggle’s development programme. Did you know that if two or more of your colleagues also complete these exams, your company can become a Google Partner and receive a special logo to put in the footer of your website? This helps with credibility and authority and you may be able to receive further support on your campaigns from Google for free.