Russell Yates Joins AluFoldDirect

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell was invited to a Zoom press conference with Russell Yates, a few weeks into his new role as Managing Director at AluFoldDirect.

The Covid-19 crisis delayed Russell Yates’s move from Aluk to AluFoldDirect by a few months, giving the businesses consistent leadership that was crucial for them both through lockdown.

This has meant a busy start for Russell, who has taken over AluFoldDirect’s leadership from Craig Miller as the company reopened for business in May.

In answer to the question of why Russell has made the move, he said: “At a systems company level, it felt like you were always trying to talk through too many layers in the supply chain. But at fabricator level you have the opportunity to listen and understand exactly what installers need.”

He also talked about how personal ambition had contributed to the decision; becoming a shareholder and playing a bigger part in the management and direction of a business had been a big pull for him. But the major driver is the chance to increase the exposure for aluminium at consumer level.

“That’s the real opportunity for our installer customers and it’s really exciting,” he said. “AluFoldDirect is the perfect vehicle to grow awareness of aluminium. By delivering the right combination of product choice, speed and service to the installer market we can give them the confidence to offer aluminium as the first choice for homeowners. It’s a model I’ve seen work really well in other countries across Europe.”

Talking about his first few weeks at the AluFoldDirect factory in Blackburn, it’s clear that Russell is already making an impact and he mentioned how rewarding it has been seeing how much difference even the smallest details can make for installers.

“A small change can have a really positive impact for a customer and it’s exciting coming into this new fast-paced environment. AluFoldDirect is an agile business and its ability to quickly change and adapt has been crucial as we returned to manufacturing and delivering on promises to customers.

“From a supplier perspective, I have seen how AluFoldDirect has succeeded in transforming the market by offering a wide range of products, with an industry-leading service proposition, right from the early days.

“The plan is to take this well-oiled machine, build on the service levels, and broaden the product range to help installers get into new channels and promote aluminium as the first choice for end-users.”

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