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Tony Isaac
Tony Isaac

Brett Martin impressed visitors to this year’s FIT Show with a range of high quality products, including a new aluminium roof lantern system.

Brett Martin, a leading manufacturer of daylight systems, has introduced a new roof lantern to its product lineup.

The new lantern has been designed to enhance the quality of any space but according to Brett Martin, it also prioritises safety.

Available in both a four pane contemporary or a six pane classic style, the new aluminium lantern has been designed to maximise the light transmission by engineering slim glazing bar profiles whilst maintaining excellent physical and energy efficiency performance.

Brett Martin’s commitment to user safety is evident in the incorporation of laminated inner panes, a feature that the company says it not commonly found in similar products on the market.

The laminated inner panes are designed to provide enhanced protection for individuals below in the event of accidental breakage. Notably, both the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM) and the Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (ACR) recommend the use of laminated glass for the inner pane.

While Brett Martin already holds a strong position in the domestic market with its flat glass rooflights, the new lantern has been introduced as a response to demand for both flat and lantern style rooflights among its customer base.

The new roof lantern caters to the needs of installers, offering easy, water-tight installation through precision aluminium castings and extrusions, facilitating rapid on-site glazing. The installer-friendly design also allows assembly to be completed from the roof, eliminating the need to access the frame from below.

To further enhance the customer experience, Brett Martin offers a ‘seamless’ ordering and delivery process. The company offers three-to-five-day delivery from its Coventry manufacturing site, providing all the required lantern components and glazing in a single consignment.

This eliminates the frustration caused by multiple or separate deliveries and streamlines the installation process.

Tony Isaac, sales director at Brett Martin, emphasises the significance of this product launch. “We are already a major player in the domestic market with our flat glass rooflights, but we realise our customer base use both flat glass and lantern style rooflights,” he said.

“Practicality is key to our users, who want to get onto and off sites efficiently, so our total package for the new lantern addresses all the issues they regularly encounter on the job.”

The roof lantern is a valuable addition to Brett Martin’s full range of flat roof rooflights, including flat glass, circular glass, and the continuous Glass Link rooflight.

By expanding their product offerings, Brett Martin says it is aiming to solidify its position as the ‘go-to manufacturer’ for daylighting and rooflight solutions.

It adds that the demand for similar products in the home improvement sector has been growing steadily, with homeowners increasingly seeking ways to maximise natural light, enhance the aesthetics of their living spaces, and improve energy efficiency.

Roof lanterns offer a practical and visually appealing solution, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood interiors, creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere.

“Our new roof lantern is a testament to our commitment to innovation, user safety, and customer satisfaction,” said Tony.

“With slim glazing bar profiles, laminated inner panes, and installer-friendly design, this product sets a new standard in the glazing lantern market.

“By capitalising on the increasing demand for home improvement solutions, Brett Martin continues to drive industry innovation, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of the market.”