How do you stand out?

New sales director Kevin Warner explains how Exlabesa has many its products attractive to fabricators.

What makes a good window and door range? Is it the looks? The quality? The versatility, or the price?

Arguably, it’s all of those things, and a lot more besides; and at global systems company Exlabesa, we’re not content until a product delivers on all fronts.

Exlabesa has had a substantial manufacturing presence here in the UK since 2001. We pride ourselves on having one of the most versatile and comprehensive ranges of any aluminium systems company in the world, and one that’s been developed in constant dialogue with their customers.

Before an Exlabesa prototype gets the final sign-off, there are a number of important boxes it has to tick.

One of our top priorities has always been ease of fabrication. For decades, many fabricators and installers have been put off diversifying into aluminium by the idea aluminium products are complex and time-consuming to fabricate and install.

By tackling that at the design stage, we’ve been able to make aluminium accessible to thousands of businesses around the world.

Another key priority is value for money. When you take our versatile product range, and combine it with the support we offer our fabricator clients, we’re confident that it makes Exlabesa one of the most cost-competitive systems on the market.

We’re constantly talking to our customers, and looking for ways to further improve our offering based on their input. That way, we’re always able to stay ahead of the game.

The KWS75 casement is a good example. A casement window is one of the most basic glass and glazing products there is, but that hasn’t stopped Exlabesa from going the extra mile to make it as stylish, easy-to-fit and packed with features as possible.

The KWS75’s framing system allows for sleek sightlines, which maximise both the glass to frame ratio and the intake of natural light. Its mechanical corner cleat and clip-in beads help make it quicker and easier to fabricate, and an internal baffle reduces noise and minimises water build-up.

The KD51 brings similar excellence to the rebated door, with a design that again prioritises ease of fabrication and installation. It’s thermally broken, ensuring it offers outstanding energy efficiency, and easily integrates with a whole range of Exlabesa window systems.

Then there’s Xlafold, the company’s bifold door, which has proved popular since it was launched back in 2018.

Quicker to fabricate than many other bifold products on the market, Xlafold components suite with many other Exlabesa systems, letting fabricators reduce their stockholding and recover some much sought-after factory space.

What’s more, it delivers the sleek aluminium looks that have made bifolds so popular, offering the option for squared or sculptured sashes, and can be supplied in any RAL colour.

Those are just a small sample of the huge array of different systems Exlabesa can offer. We’re confident Exlabesa offers not just one of the most comprehensive aluminium ranges in the world, but one of the very best, too.