Hörmann opens its doors

The new, state of the art 200,000ft2 Hörmann Truedor facility in Oakdale, South Wales has the capacity for 3,500 doors per week and is the only factory in the UK to manufacture door slabs in house, instead of importing them from Asia. Glass Times editor, Luke Wood, talks to managing director, Wolfgang Gorner, about Hormann’s plans to increase market share in the retail sector.

Luke Wood (LW): Tell us more about the decision to move into the retail sector?

Wolfgang Gorner (WG): When Hörmann purchased IG Doors back in 2013, the intention was always to sell into the retail/home improvement sector, but we lacked the production capacity with the old factory. Now with our state-of-the-art plant, we are very much ready.

LW: It’s a very mature market – how confident are you of growing market share?

WG: What we offer is truly unique, in that the Truedor product is the only composite door offering to have both slab and finished door made in the UK. That, coupled to it being the most sustainable, greenest door on the market, makes for a compelling proposition.

LW: Installers often have a love or hate relationship with composites. How confident are you in the performance of the Truedor range?

WG: Due to the slab being made on site in South Wales, we have complete control over the quality of the final door product and as such we are confident that installers will vote with their feet and come to Truedor.

LW: What do you think homeowners prioritise most when looking for a replacement entrance door? Is it energy efficiency, colour and style, security or cost?

WG: I think it’s important that we can major on all the above because they all feature highly on a homeowners’ priority list.

LW: The Truedor range offers a broad range of colours but market feedback still indicates overwhelming demand for greys, particularly anthracite. Would you agree?

WG: Looking at the stats, it’s true that grey still reigns supreme, but its vitally important that you offer the consumer choice and our highly flexible paint line, allows this choice. Early 2024, this will also be a water-based paint solution.

LW: Are you looking at integrating smart technology into production?

WG: I think it’s fair to say that the Hörmann family have always been at the cutting edge of innovation and a recent example is their investment in hydrogen power for one of our German plants. If successful, then this will be rolled out elsewhere.

LW: Have you had much demand from house builders for Clima63 ahead of the expected new Future Homes Standards?

WG: There has been a huge amount of interest from house builders and already a great deal of interest from the trade.

LW: And do you anticipate an uplift in demand for Clima63 from homeowners in the future, who are investing in more energy efficient products?

WG: With energy costs at an all-time high and not looking a coming down anytime soon, homeowners are ever more receptive to products that reduce their energy consumption – supplied and installed at a competitive price.

LW: It’s a very comprehensive offer – is there one particular range that you’re most excited about? Market feedback is that volume sales have dipped but high-end retail is still relatively strong – so would you anticipate more interest in the higher end finishes or maybe the Platinum44?

WG: Absolutely. The ability for the trade to buy all these door types from the one supplier allows them to compete and thrive in a competitive market. I see increasing demand for the Clima63 and Platinum44 and these will only help bolster demand for the classic Truedor offering.

LW: What was the feedback from visitors to your recent open days?

WG: Feedback has been so good that we will be running these again in April. Customers were blown away with the scale and modernity of the operation and can see the vision that Hörmann has for the UK door market.

LW: What are your thoughts on the year ahead?

WG: Undoubtedly, 2024 will be a difficult year, but installers who come to Hörmann Truedor will be ideally placed to thrive in these difficult times with a sustainable, green, UK produced door offering.