High-end glass demand

Sam Bamforth, manager at MP Glass, discusses a recently installed bespoke glass walkway and balustrade using the VetroMount system from Bohle.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve noticed a big upturn in the volume of enquiries from the retail sector.

A lot of homeowners have found themselves with additional savings thanks to Covid; they’ve not been able to spend their money on holidays or going out, so they’ve looked at improving their property instead.

We don’t have a retail shop. We’re based in an industrial unit but we have had a lot of traffic to our website and a surprising amount of people have actually visited our premises.

They’ve been looking at investing in new or upgraded kitchens and bathrooms which for us has meant lots of interest in splash backs and shower screens – but also for higher end residential projects.

One such installation was for a high value newbuild project, designed in the style of a traditional barn, and located in Neather Heage, Derbyshire.

Featuring a stunning, bespoke, centrally located glass walkway it also comprises 6.6m2 of frameless glass balustrading, secured in place with the VetroMount system from Bohle.

Available in standard and flush finishes, as well as a recently introduced Y-shaped channel that tapers down to the face of substrate, VetroMount is designed to accommodate glass thicknesses of up to 21.5mm and is supplied in lengths of 2.5m and 5m.

The system was also engineered by Bohle specifically for the residential market. That has meant ensuring it delivers a premium aesthetic but also eliminating the issues associated with more complicated commercial systems.

As a result, VetroMount features an innovative mounting kit. Located inside the profile it enables fitters to fix glass into place with a knock-in clamping system and then secure it with a patented zip-lock mechanism.

We use Bohle for all our consumables, including blades, gloves and hinges, but we had never used VetroMount prior to this installation. We were really impressed with it though. Steve Jones, a director at MP Glass, has worked in the industry for over 20 years and it’s the best system he’s ever used.

It was so easy to install: we just dropped the glass in and lined it up. Our customer wanted the glass to act as a contemporary centrepiece to the project, to contrast with the style and timber features of a traditional barn. He was very happy with the finish.

The only problem with that particular job was handling the glass for the walkway. The specification was for 33mm toughened laminate in three sections, so it was very heavy.

Since completing this project, we’ve actually invested in some Veribor lifters from Bohle. I can’t believe we have left it this long though – the first time we used them it was like Christmas had come early.

Recently upgrades to the Veribor manual suction lifters include faster suction and release times, a longer service life and new design features to improve efficiency on non-glass surfaces such as stone or metal.

Demand from retail is still high, and we’re starting to see increased activity in the commercial sector as high streets start to open up again. This is offset to a certain degree by ongoing price rises in glass, but with the support we receive from Bohle and the quality of products such as VetroMount, we’re extremely confident for the future.