Evolution, with a purpose

From authentic quality and a rich heritage to seamless service and individuality, the experience consumers associate – and demand – of brands has significantly evolved in the last decade. Rehau’s managing director Martin Hitchin explains how success today is defined by a business’s ability to understand the bigger picture and evolve its offer to meet and exceed the changing tastes of consumers around the world.

As the wishes of consumers shift, it is important that brands also alter strategically and amend brand propositions. This trend transcends industries and goes beyond just brand strategy; in fact, it leans heavily on its values, its product offerings, and its messages to the entire chain of customers – right through to the end consumer.

For decades, Rehau has been known globally as a premium specialist in all things polymer, and a brand that provides its customers with quality, reliability and efficiency. Through the years, the brand has placed significant importance on providing the highest quality product, fit for purpose for its network of installers and fabricators. But today, Rehau is determined to take this a step further and understand the intricacies of what the end consumer really wants and needs.

By staying at the forefront of trends, and understanding what makes the end consumer tick, Rehau hopes to offer its chain of customers something beyond just a great product. To effectively deliver on this, the brand has built on its years of expertise, digital knowledge and deep understanding of customer needs and desires to offer engineering progress that substantially optimises people’s homes. Rehau plans to innovate and introduce products that are not just of superior quality but can also make the end users life safer and more comfortable.

Innovation, trust and reliability have always been integral to the core of what Rehau does and these factors have shaped the culture, behaviour and interaction with customers for years. These values will now be stronger than ever and will continue to be a part of how the brand and its employees operate.

Today, Rehau aspires to work with its global network to offer solutions throughout the entire value chain that helps people create a home they love.

This commitment was demonstrated in the brand’s latest development, the Rio Flush Fit Window. This latest design offers customers a window reinvented for modern life. It provides a realistic alternative to traditional timber windows and is a sophisticated addition to any installer’s range. Created in a sleek, flush finish that blends in with the exterior structure, the new window offers all the benefits of PVCU, no matter what style of property.

Keeping in with the brand values, the new Rio Flush Fit is simple to manufacture and fit as it uses Rehau’s existing Total70 system frame and ancillary profiles. By using the same eurogroove positioning as existing Total70 sashes, production requires minimal extra hardware and stockholding investment by fabricators.

With technology taking the world by a storm and smart living overtaking traditional methods, Rehau also has a strong focus on ‘smart’. Rehau is already seeing product development within this arena as consumer demand for connected windows grow. Its portfolio of smart products has gained widespread popularity across the globe and it is expected to hit the UK market in the near future.

As we step into the future, Rehau promises a commitment to enhancing the lives of its customers, employees and people across the world; products, marketing material and support to its network of fabricators and installers will be reflective of this. Every day, Rehau works with its network of fabricators and installers to overcome technical barriers, make innovation more accessible, and achieve value-driven business growth.

Watch this space for some exciting new developments in the months to come.