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Synseal’s marketing communications manager Ellie Saunders comments on the creative conservatory and extension designs she’s seen across social media this summer.

It’s the season for conservatory sales at Synseal Group, and we’re happy to report that we are seeing growth not just across out K2 and Global conservatory and orangery roof systems, but also across our Celsius Solid Roof and Stratus lantern roof products.

This variety in sales is a reflection of what I’ve been seeing across our social media channels too, where an increasing number of installers have been showing off their creative conservatory and orangery installations as well as many solid roof renovations, combined with great indoor-to-outdoor transition products like our WarmCore folding sliding doors.

With these great new products comes the ability for homeowners and installers to create individualised spaces that don’t need to resemble traditional conservatories. Homeowners investing in renovations – particularly those in the ‘improve don’t move’ category, which is emerging in the face of stagnant house prices – are typically more conscious of getting value for money, so they’re looking at things like energy efficiency and longevity, paired with beautiful aesthetics.

If they are replacing an old glazed conservatory that’s suffered from poor thermal insulation in winter, then it’s understandable that they would be sceptical about considering another glazed roof, despite the strides we’ve made across the industry in glass performance over the past couple of decades.

These homeowners have become the perfect target market for solid, tiled roof systems like our Celsius Solid Roof, which has very low U-values thanks to is warm timber construction. It’s also really easy to integrate into existing structures thanks to a choice of 100% recycled EnviroTiles that are interlocked simply for a quick installation. This enables homeowners to have an extension that doesn’t have to resemble a traditional conservatory but comes with the same benefits of more space and lots of light when designed with a combination of windows, french, patio or bifold doors, and roof lights like our WarmCore Fixed Roof Light.

One of the best spaces I’ve seen in recent weeks is a bespoke bar that was designed for all-year-round use with a Celsius Solid Roof and high performance SynerJy windows, with an integrated chiminea to create a cosy atmosphere in winter. With the addition of a five-pane WarmCore folding sliding door, the room will retain heat when the weather is cold thanks to WarmCore’s thermal core composite structure, while giving the homeowner the flexibility to open up the whole space in the warmer months to create a great indoor/outdoor patio area.

Of course, not every homeowner will be looking for such a novelty purpose for their extension, and solid roofs do tend to be priced at the higher end of the market, so while they’re a great investment for homeowners who are prepared to pay a premium, they’re not the only solution available for customers who want to create an extension space without a fully glazed roof.

Our Stratus fully thermally broken lantern roof system fits the bill perfectly for homeowner who want to add light to their spaces without the need to opt for a typical conservatory roof. They work perfectly in box-style spaces which may have had flat roofs, or extensions that have been designed with a rectangular shape in mind to fit in with architectural trends.

I’ve also seen some excellent Modena style conservatory structures that have a modern structure with dark greys like anthracite being very popular at the moment; these have been combined with WarmCore folding sliding doors on two or three sides so the whole space can be opened out when the weather is right.

So, whatever your customers want this summer, make sure you’re offering them a wide choice of products to help them make an informed and inspired decision for their renovation project. Help us to redefine what it means to have a conservatory space by sharing your snaps of creative installations which combined a range of different products, from lantern and solid roofs through to patio doors and bifold.

This way homeowners can benefit from a range of product innovations that offer them more choice and more flexibility, so they can mix and match products to find a unique, fit-for-purpose combination to meet their needs whatever the weather.

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