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Russell Hand
Russell Hand

Russell Hand, head of product and technical at Rehau Windows UK, discusses the importance of manufacturers assisting installers and fabricators with Part F regulation compliance.

The absence of sufficient ventilation within a building has the potential to ‘lock in’ impure air, exposing occupants to various pollutants and contaminants.

Health risks linked to poor indoor air quality can range from irritation of the eyes, nose and throat to severe life-threatening damage. With hybrid working increasing in popularity following the pandemic, homeowners are now more vulnerable.

Longstanding concerns around the health impacts of insufficient ventilation led to the updating of Part F, which covers ventilation in the uplift to Building Regulations known as the Future Homes Standard, in June 2022.

The changes saw window trickle vents become mandatory within replacement window frames in retrofits on existing dwellings and specified frames in new builds.

The importance of awareness

The considerable time gap between the announcement of the regulation updates and their implementation has led to risks of out-of-date, incorrect information to those unfamiliar with the uplift’s details.

This could result in non-compliant materials being purchased. Therefore, it is best practise, even eight months after the updates, for frame suppliers to continue to support installers and fabricators with the changes, by providing regulation-compliant products.

Rehau, for example, includes a Link Vent range within its frame portfolio as an accessory. This collection has recently been expanded with the introduction of the new trickle 4000 Equivalent Air Area (EQA) Link Vent in partnership with Glazpart. The addition will accompany the company’s bigger 5000 EQA and the smaller 2500 EQA Link Vents.

The 4000 Link Vent’s newer, compact size enables easier installation into window frames and sashes, while the regular end caps have been replaced by fixing clips to reduce loss or breakage.

It easily complies with kitchen and bathroom ventilation regulations (8000 EQA) while the innovative link can reduce drafts and direct air away from building occupants. Additionally, it is available in multiple colours matching Rehau’s Total70 foils.

Offering further support for the navigation of changing regulations, Rehau has created its ‘In The Frame’ initiative. As part of the programme, Rehau has published a series of four fact sheets  guiding professionals through the changes made under the Future Homes Standards.

Ventilation requirements for new builds and refurb installations are amongst the topics covered by the leaflets, alongside energy efficiency mandates introduced by the updates.

During a continuing time of regulation tightening in the window sector, manufacturers must step up and provide clarity around how these changes affect installer portfolios.

Alongside this, window fitters should not hesitate to get in touch with frame providers in order to better navigate the shifting legislative landscape.