Supporting customers from start to finish

Phillipa Edmunds, marcomms assistant at Rehau Windows UK, explains that building a strong link between customers, trusted installers and fabricators is crucial during the current climate.

As we head further into 2023, the cost-of-living crisis may start to affect window installation projects for money-conscious customers.

It is, therefore, important that installers and fabricators focus upon marketing and customer service to obtain new business and keep clients onboard. With this in mind, profile system suppliers must develop tools that can assist. Rehau, for example, has multiple online and offline resources available to help with marketing.

Providing Trusted Partners to Homeowners.

Firstly, Fensa or Certass-accredited Rehau window installers and fabricators can apply to join the authorised partner (AP) scheme which is free. The scheme was launched in 2008 and has grown from strength to strength with now over 400 approved partners.

Approved partners benefit from the Rehau brand name, stable PVC-U supply and the quality of our customer service.

We have a dedicated homeowner section on the Rehau UK Windows website, which houses a dealer finder so interested homeowners can quickly source nearby installers that can assist with their enquiry

Each approved partner has a dedicated landing page, created in-house, which contains details of the installer or fabricator.

Alongside this, fabricators and installers using this support programme can benefit from a large range of Rehau marketing materials. For example, all brochures and POS materials can be co-branded and authorised partners can also take advantage of the dedicated support of the sales office and marcomms department.

Supporting materials

Additionally, once registered to be an authorised partner, organisations have access to our partner portal. The platform provides use of a wide range of brochures and marketing materials to help support and build businesses, all of which is available co-branded.

The partner portal also houses an extensive image library together with technical literature. Approved partners can order materials through this online tool, and track purchases.

Streamlining Projects

In this current climate, time needs to be spent wisely and leads coming through the door need to be worth pursuing. The fundamental reason why Rehau has built the Rehau Connect platform is to prequalify leads and streamline project progression from first enquiry.

Part of this process enables homeowners to connect with Rehau – we then organise for an approved partner to contact them. This gives the homeowner the assurance that they will receive quotations from reliable and expert businesses.

And linking customers to homeowners, ensuring a first-class service right from the enquiry stage through to project completion, will increase the probability of winning jobs.

Online platforms like these can also upgrade traditional sales approaches. Specifically, Rehau Connect can provide an online visual aid, showing customers what the style and size of the windows and doors will look like during the quotation process.

It also allows installers to create professional, personalised homeowner quotes, alongside facilitating additional one-to-one support sessions with local Rehau sales managers.

Looking forward to 2023

Finally, as 2023 progresses, we are looking to refurbish Rehau Answers, a tool which assists installers in determining the U-Value of a window.

Combining this with product launches, including smart technologies, and exhibition appearances with Architects at Work, we are set to showcase a range of marketing advancements in coming months.

At Rehau we are working harder towards bridging the gap between installers, fabricators, and homeowners, providing tools to improve the way they work, and enhancing all customers’ experience, from the fabricator to the installer, to the homeowner.