All in the delivery

Veka Group’s marketing director Dawn Stockell says the success of any support package all depends on the delivery, and she explains how Veka helps customers stay ahead of the curve in swiftly changing marketplace.

The landscape of marketing is constantly shifting, and it can be difficult for small businesses to keep up; just when you’ve got round to printing professional leaflets or advertising in your local paper, you’re asked why your website doesn’t have a quote function, and has it been optimised for search engines? Then you need to tackle social media… create web banners… put together bespoke product brochures… who has the time?

Without an in-house marketing department, these activities soon eat into time that should be spent on your core business.

That’s why Veka Group has always offered targeted marketing support. However much might change across the marketing and fenestration industries, this will remain constant. Our customers’ success is key and marketing efforts to drive their success through a suite of marketing solutions will support them in our common goal.

Our customers have been able to benefit from free PR support and use of our professional product and installation image library since Veka came to Burnley way back in 1986.

Since then, Veka has never shied away from new technologies, industry developments or demands from the marketplace. We have led by example and become the benchmark for the industry in many areas, such as product quality, WERs, recycling, advanced manufacturing techniques, and customer support.

Our marketing support has evolved to cover many different disciplines; always adapting to the key audiences of the day. We have run radio ads, national competitions, consumer advertising campaigns, and major online lead generation programmes, to name just a few, and PR support continues to be free and available to all customers.

Over the years, this marketing has expanded to include everything from vehicle livery and showroom graphics to bespoke email campaigns, website review and quote facilities, finance solutions and everything in between. Customers were delighted when we unveiled our web-to-print portals, which allowed them to sign in and personalise professionally written and designed brochures, adverts, and more, at the touch of a button and a fraction of the cost they might have expected; all pre-populated with address details and logo, so it takes minimal effort to order a ‘bespoke’ set of literature.

As Veka introduces each new marketing tool, we ensure our customers know how to make the most of it. Successful marketing support is not just the provision of services, but also how they are delivered. We want Veka customers, and members of Independent Network, to thoroughly understand what is available and exactly how to use it. That’s why we decided to overhaul the current portal system to make it even more useful, more streamlined and more valuable.

The next generation marketing portal is not only a web-to-print service, it is a fantastic all-in-one online resource of marketing materials, which is accessed by a single sign in. Simple as that.

Depending if you are a Veka customer, part of the Veka Installer Programme, or a member of Independent Network, one username and password can potentially enable you to: order branded workwear and brochures; personalise literature; search a high res image library tailored to you; access digital assets such as web banners and Facebook Adverts; manage and store all sales leads; and control various elements of your website.

In a flat market (at best), marketing offers an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. With great products, best in class marketing solutions and our commitment to ongoing improvement, Veka customers will be well placed to take advantage of the latest offerings and together we will continue to thrive, as we have for decades.