Online staff reward platform

Sternfenster has launched Perkbox, an online platform that allows employees to recognise the achievements and hard work of other team members and to reward staff with a range of exclusive offers.

The new Perkbox site has been introduced as part of Sternfenster’s commitment to developing and maintaining a highly motivated workforce and to support its vision of achieving Investors in People Gold status.

Mike Parczuk, managing director of Sternfenster, said: “We were proud to be awarded Silver status by Investors in People in October last year. It proved that we have the right principles in place as a business and we received some extremely positive feedback from everyone that contributed to the company survey.

“However, it also showed that we could be doing even more for the people that work at Sternfenster, including the introduction of new initiatives such as Perkbox that can help to ensure staff are consistently recognised for the outstanding contributions they make to the company.

“This can be for success at work, for hitting a sales target or earning a promotion but also for special occasions such as long service milestones or even celebrating a birthday.

“It’s quick, simple to use and allows individuals to congratulate someone privately, or to recognise them for doing a great job in front of the whole company.

“We are proud of our family values at Sternfenster. Perkbox is just one of the steps we have taken to raise the morale and productivity of our staff. By doing so we are not only delivering continual improvements for employees at Sternfenster, but we helping to ensure a better quality of service to our customers as well.”

By signing up to Perkbox, employees can access hundreds of discounts for food, clothes and entertainment at a wide range of supermarket and retail outlets as well as they ability to earn reward points on purchases made through the site.

Perkbox also includes a Culture Hub, links to regularly updated company newsletters and an Employee Assistance Program that includes 24-hour access to a confidential helpline and GP services, as well as dedicated support for mental health.