New director

Insight Data’s general manager Jade Greenhow has been promoted to the newly created role of operations director following a year of growth for the business.

Jade will have a greater strategic responsibility as well as overseeing the daily running of the business including the firm’s sales, research and software development operations. She will work closely with Insight Data’s managing director Andrew Scott.

“This is an incredibly proud moment becoming a director of such a fantastic company,” Jade said. “In the seven years I’ve been at Insight we’ve grown from a small data provider to become an integral part of the glazing and construction industry.

“Data is undoubtedly a hot topic at the moment as GDPR comes into force. As regulations change, the need for a fully-compliant data supplier which can help businesses effectively target new customers will only become greater – and I look forward to helping more businesses through this changing landscape.”

Insight Data’s managing director Andrew Scott said: “Jade’s promotion to operations director is a real testament to the fantastic work she has done and the vital role she plays at Insight, whether it’s supporting her team, her involvement and presentation at the Glazing Summit or her work in implementing and supporting customers through GDPR, she has worked incredibly hard.”