Head of IT

Conservatory Outlet Group has recruited Craig Schmidt as group head of IT to help it strengthen productivity in its manufacturing operations and enhance the level of customer support it provides.

The 45-year-old, who boasts extensive experience in implementing business transformation changes across multiple industries, will help develop product and service innovations by harnessing the power of IT and digital systems, support its 27-strong network of home improvement retailers across the UK.

“These are exciting times for the group as we look to target £50 million of sales within the next 18 months,” Craig said.

“Digital transformation is happening across every sector and one of my roles will be to identify how we can bring in new technologies to initially support the manufacturing operation and then all areas of our business. This isn’t just investment for investment’s sake, but about how we can use IT to improve the way we manufacture products and how we manage our supply chain.”

Conservatory Outlet Group employs more than 400 people across it 60,000ft2 factory in Wakefield and retail businesses Clearview and Pennine Home Improvements.