New non-exec chairman

Tony Clarkson joined the Brisant Secure board as non-executive chairman.

With a background in highly engineered products, Tony has successfully led and grown businesses in building products, automotive components, and oil and petrochemical-related industries targeting a global marketplace.

He has managed business operations in Europe, North America, The Middle East and China. As MD and major shareholder of Pegler, an international heating, ventilating, and plumbing products business, he grew sales and profits through rapid product development resulting in a tripling of business value.

Since 2008 he has chaired a succession of businesses in kitchens, bathrooms, air conditioning, roller shutter doors and lighting systems.

Tony said: “I’ve always been keen on products and product development and Brisant has an impressive track record and ongoing commitment to continually developing its range into the future. It’s deservedly a fast-growing business and I’m really looking forward to helping that continue over the coming years.”