Epic challenge

Six staff from Hurst Doors have completed a 10-mile obstacle course and mud run challenge, Tough Mudder, to raise over £700 for their local Hull-based charity, Dove House Hospice.

The Tough Mudder is a range of obstacle courses and mud runs with teamwork and personal accomplishment at their heart. Team Hurst, comprising Rob Edge, Shantelle Reay, Lucy Anderson, Emma McDonald, Emma Page and Taylor Allen, had to overcome punishing quagmires, icy mud plunges, many leaps of faith, and the odd risk of electric shock, but emerged victorious thanks to a lot of determination and a fantastic team effort.

Rob Edge, who works in the sales and admin department at Hurst Doors, said: “It sounds strange to say this, but a huge ‘thank you’ to Hurst Doors for allowing us to get bruised, dunked and even electrocuted in their name while managing to still have an amazing day. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie is something I will never forget. We pushed ourselves further than we thought we could, but it was more than worth it for such a fantastic cause.”

Dove House hospice is based in Hull and provides care for adults across the city and the East Riding of Yorkshire who have illnesses that are no longer curable. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for patients by providing specialist, holistic care.

Jethro Shearing, fundraising co-ordinator at Dove House Hospice, said: “We can only make a positive difference to the lives of our patients and their families due to the generosity of individuals, community groups and local businesses such as Hurst Doors. It was wonderful to see Hurst take their existing support to the next level by completing the Tough Mudder. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of Hurst Doors and it was amazing to see the staff go the extra mile, or ten, on behalf of our patients.”

Hurst Doors sponsored the event, paying for the team’s entry fees and printing special T-shirts for the day. The event served as a memorable team building exercise, providing an opportunity for staff members located in and outside of Hull to come together.

Hayley Barker, marketing manager at Hurst Doors, said: “We’re incredibly proud of everyone at Hurst that took part in the Tough Mudder challenge, helping to raise over £700 for Dove House Hospice, a very important local charity. The Tough Mudder is a notoriously difficult and challenging course, which is certainly not for the faint-hearted. We’re always looking for ways to give back to the local community where we can and it’s great to see the Hurst team actively demonstrating that, through the power of amazing team work, you can make a difference and achieve something special.”