Emmegi apprentices strengthen the team

Emmegi (UK) says its engineering team has been given a major boost with the company’s two young apprentices Dan and Will successfully completing their four-year training programmes to become NVQ qualified mechanical and electrical engineers.

They are both now carrying out machine servicing and repairs independently and are already out visiting customers across the UK.

Ian Latimer, Emmegi (UK)’s managing director, said: “Dan and Will are great apprenticeship success stories. They’ve done well at college and in the practical training they’ve received here. They particularly benefited from the fact that we gave our experienced engineers time and space to train them on jobs where they could learn and practice their skills.

“The whole team here has been invested in their progress and they’ve been immersed in our positive work culture, so they have also learnt all those other important life skills such as time management and customer communication.

“One of the biggest strengths of Emmegi (UK) is the stability and vast experience of our team, but we do recognise that we need to invest in bringing on new talent as well. Dan and Will have proven that, done properly and with the right level of commitment on both sides, apprenticeships are a good way to do that.”

The Emmegi (UK) team is arguably one of the most experienced in the UK machinery sector, with the sales team boasting a massive 100+ years’ industry experience between them, the servicing department boasting 150+ years, and the business management team an impressive 20+

Ian Latimer added: “Emmegi (UK) was established in 2010 and many of us, including sales managers Martin Linnell and Andrew Jones have been here since the very start. In terms of industry experience through, all the other key figures, such as Jim O’Connell, our sales manager in Ireland, Wayne Hunter, our operations manager, Giulia Furgeri, our business manager, Tracey O’Callaghan, our service administrator, and Craig Smith, our spare parts manager have also spent the majority of their careers in machinery.

“That’s really important when it comes to understanding the market, building and strengthening relationships with our customers, and being able to share knowledge with newcomers to the business like Dan and Will.

“We’re already looking to repeat the apprenticeship programme and grow the team still further.”