Anyone can be a lifesaver

In May 2020 a Lancashire Trade Frames employee was saved by a defibrillator, installed previously by the company.

In 2017, Lancashire Trade Frames purchased and installed an automated external defibrillator (AED). While staff hoped that it would never be needed, in May 2020 a team member suffered a cardiac arrest. Thankfully, because the defibrillator was in place, a tragedy was avoided.

The initial purchase was only made because of another sudden cardiac arrest on site. Although in the earlier case, the quick thinking and skills of a trained first aider made the life-saving difference, the incident provided the stimulus to invest in the AED.

Mark Rowland, MD of Lancashire Trade Frames, said: “That first on-site emergency was a wake-up call. We had the first aiders, of course, but we could still have been better prepared. That’s why we acquired the AED and, as this second incident shows, it’s a critical piece of kit.”

Typical AED units are lightweight, portable and simple to use, with the device guiding the user throughout. By analysing heart rhythms, administering an electrical charge when necessary and instructing in the use of CPR, these defibrillators can save lives.

“The decision to acquire an AED wasn’t solely to protect our workforce,” Mark said. “Our premises are located on the fringe of a residential area, and we knew the device could be a vital resource for the local community. I urge other employers to get one and share the news of its availability.”