5% of 2020 profits donated to NHS

Framexpress has pledged to donate 5% of its 2020 profits to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal, which has been launched to raise £100 million to support the NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.

Stuart Green, director at Framexpress, said: “The whole nation is doing their bit to protect our NHS and save lives by staying at home. We wanted to show our gratitude to the key workers within the NHS who are putting themselves at risk every day to help people affected by this awful virus. So, we are donating 5% of our 2020 profits to NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal.”

The NHS appeal is funding wellbeing packs and gifts for NHS staff and volunteers, including food deliveries, snacks, refreshments, wash kits and overnight stay kits, travel, parking and accommodation costs and other items to aid their wellbeing.

For the remainder of the year, Framexpress is also offering a 10% discount off its window and door products that are fitted into the homes of NHS employees, so installers fitting Framexpress products can pass this extra discount onto their customers.

“As the Clap for our Carers campaign is proving, there is a massive appreciation for the work being done by NHS and carers during this incredibly challenging time, it only felt right for us to offer our support too,” Stuart said.