Business as usual

Glazpart’s factory in Banbury is still operational, supporting customers especially those serving the NHS, medical and food markets.

The company says this is possible thanks to the dedication, commitment and flexibility of its team.

“Today, we are still accepting orders from all our customers alongside these key market customers in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,” the company said.

“Indeed, we are actively looking to support medical device customers and their injection moulding supply chain. If we can assist as a full-service moulding company in any way from contract moulding, complete tool room services, machining or assembly, contact us.”

Glazpart has introduced measures to ensure the safety of its team, including: additional cleaning and PPE control measures; remote working where possible; adjusted delivery routines; maintaining a relevant stock; postponing non-essential meetings; and providing full support by email and phone.

The government’s advice is being monitored closely, and operations may change depending on this advice, the company said.

Dean Bradley, Glazpert’s sales and marketing manager, said: “There have been a huge amount of work and planning to achieve our current position to safely continue to be able to supply product. We wish all our customers the very best in this unprecedented time and we wish you all to stay safe. If you are still operating send your orders through and we will manage these with our best abilities.”