Patience is a virtue

As consumers, we have become used to longer lead times for products and services over the course of the pandemic.

It can be frustrating, but most people are aware that the reasons for the delays – material shortages, high demand, supply chain issues – are effecting businesses everywhere.

Generally speaking, we are now much more prepared to sit tight and wait for the product that we actually want – and the same can said for services as well.

Unless it’s an absolute emergency, would you feel comfortable letting a tradesperson loose on your house because they can fit you in next week, when all the highly recommended firms are fully booked for the next six months?

You might get lucky, but in the long run, patience will usually pay off.

In this week’s lead story, Emmegi’s managing director, Ian Latimer, comments on the challenges that the machinery supplier is still facing on extended lead times, especially for its more advanced models and how the company is working hard with fabricators to ensure they stay on top of planned investments to increase efficiency and output.

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