Diamonds in the rough

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell highlights some recent positive developments.

I’m happy for a line to be drawn under the Green Homes Grant scheme. However, it is worth highlighting a view from Certass’s Jon Vanstone that some good could have come from it.

“There is no reason to be negative,” he said. “We now have our knees under the table at these meetings, and it’s likely that the next tranches of grant money will be more favourable to the glazing sector if we continue to position ourselves correctly.”

Elsewhere, Avocet has announced its decision to diversify its offerings, Endurance has announced a prize freeze (while others are reportedly raising theirs), and Intermac has organised a hybrid online/onsite company exhibition, which will take place this October.

After all the uncertainty and negativity in the consumer press, it is heartwarming to see our industry rising to the challenge and seeing opportunities rather than obstacles.