Performance and Aesthetics

Sliding doors can make homes feel bigger, brighter and more practical. Terry Ledwith, national sales manager at Reynaers Aluminium, discusses how fabricators and installers can support homeowners in achieving a look to be proud of.

The desire to transform a house into a unique space is one which is held by many homeowners. And no matter where their initial inspiration is found, the first critical step to a successful home improvement project starts with research and planning.

After all, with typical home improvements representing a significant investment, it pays to be completely sure – sure that the improvement will suit their property, sure that it will look the part, and sure that it will create the light-filled and usable space they envisage.

In recent years, whether as part of a refurbishment or extension, sliding doors have become a much-sought feature of modern homes. To ensure these home improvements continue to look the part and function with ease long after installation, many homeowners are selecting aluminium as their material of choice.

Supporting fabricators and installers to fulfil this increasing appetite for aluminium glazing products, Reynaers Aluminium UK is leading the way in performance and style when it comes to sliding doors.

Naturally, when incorporating more glazing into the envelope of a building, there are three critical factors that must be considered: thermal efficiency, performance and aesthetic appeal.

Featuring double and triple glazed options, Reynaers’ leading sliding door solution, CP 130, boasts a U-value as low as 1.1W/m2K to deliver industry-leading levels of thermal insulation. For end-users, that enables them to enjoy the views and seamless practicality of sliding doors, without having to compromise the efficient performance of their home, nor the appearance of their sliding doors.

Alternatives, such as PVCU or timber, for instance, require thicker frames to provide the necessary strength and performance of sliding doors, while aluminium offers slim profiles and practically uninterrupted views.

Precision engineered, the slim and innately strong aluminium CP 130 profile provides excellent levels of security and weather resistance, alongside everyday usability. In-built features, including a lift-and-slide mechanism, enable doors to be opened with even the lightest of touches, no matter their size. Rigorously tested for their performance and durability, CP 130 sliding doors will continue to move with ease for years to come.

The modern aluminium solution from Reynaers UK equips fabricators with flexible design solutions. In practice, that makes it possible to help homeowners introduce large expanses of uninterrupted glazing into their properties to achieve an entirely unique look. When it comes to Reynaers’ sliding door solutions, expertly engineered characteristics open up greater design freedom, making CP 130 perfectly suited to even the most complex and innovative designs.

As well as a typical single wall configuration, CP 130 allows corners to be opened up in their entirety, even removing the need for a fixed corner post. With a pair of perpendicular doors that meet in the corner, homeowners can enjoy a remarkable architectural feature, which removes the barriers between their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Powder coated for further protection and to facilitate low maintenance once installed, Reynaers’ aluminium profiles are available in a virtually infinite range of colour options, enabling them to be customised to suit their environment. With a comprehensive range of handles and accessories also available, aluminium sliding doors from Reynaers enhance practicality and accessibility.