Top dog

Rehau’s Geneo ALU Top windows were recently used replace the existing aluminium profiles on the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Gloucester headquarters, as part of its expansion.

Under the £2 million extension and refurbishment plans, the BSAVA’s building – built in 1999 – would be extended at both ends, reroofed and would include an impressive curtain wall.

In the initial proposals, the BSAVA’s original aluminium windows were to be resprayed to fit in with the new aesthetics of the building, but contractor Lancer Scott had seen the Geneo ALU Top windows from Rehau and decided to table it as an alternative which would tie the old and new elements of the building together as one.

Forty-six Geneo windows with anthracite grey ALU Top Window Profiles were fitted in the BSAVA building.

Steve Tonkiss, commercial manager at Rehau Windows Division, said: “By switching to Rehau Geneo Alu Top Windows, the BSAVA has not only secured a better performance window but from a purely aesthetic point of view, thanks to the ALU Top, they haven’t compromised on the finish they had envisioned for their new headquarters either.”